Kimberley Class Mining Cruiser

While the Mole is the main workforce of Terran mining operations throughout the galaxy it is up to the Kimberley class to manage them. The Kimberley is named for the ancient diamond mine in former South Africa which was the most well known mine of the pre-AI War era. The ships are nearly 1400m in length and aside from crew space and a hangar and maintenance area for the drones used on board the ship is almost entirely composed of processing equipment and storage areas. The Kimberley is purpose-built and designed entirely for mining. It has light defensive weapons and at most a squadron of interceptors will be hired on as mercenaries should pirate resistance be expected in their sector.

Calling the Kimberley a "ship" is a bit of a misnomer as it is actually several ships in one. Forward of the engines and behind the command section and main hangar lies a set of eight smaller Kimberlite class resource frigates. A typical arrangement for working a sector is for the Kimberlite frigates to spread out around the edges of a pocket of resources, each working alongside six to eight Mole collectors. The Kimberley itself will sit at the densest region of materials and work with the remaining collectors. In total the entire resourcing fleet is operated with a total of 80 drones and this allows the processing to continue nonstop until a sector runs dry.

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