Kimberlite Class Mining Frigate

Mounted in groups of eight to every Kimberley mining cruiser, the Kimberlite is what does most of the work in a mining fleet. Their purpose is to extend the mining range of a fleet in a sector so that the command ship can remain in the richest area while the frigates tend to the edge of the area to be mined.

Each Kimberlite operates with a crew of 10. A pilot and copilot/navigator, six engineers and two systems officers for the processing equipment. There is a single landing bay aboard each Kimberlite which allows a small shuttle to access the ship but its main purpose is to server as a repair bay for a Mole drone so that it doesn't need to return to the command ship. As far as most repairs in the field go, the facility can handle it but anything major typically requires the drone's return to the Kimberley class for full servicing.

The Kimberlite only has a pair of defensive turrets to deter attacking craft but its shields are much stronger than any other standard frigate due to the need of surviving the hazards of an asteroid field. These shields are in fact strong enough to deflect a piece of rock nearly one quarter the size of the frigate itself. While this will leave the crew inside quite shaken afterward it is much better than having the ship destroyed. These shields handle well against weapons fire and given the range that the Kimberlites stay from their motherships it is possible for them to return to the protection of the Kimberley before a group of pirate fighters can take out the engines.

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