Korona (no last name known)

Species: Kitsune
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Unknown (she always dodges the question with a playful smirk…)
Fur Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Black, but cut short
Occupation: Matron of the Fox Clan

Korona is a tall, elegant looking Kitsune woman, cresting a little over six feet tall, her entire body covered in midnight black fur that makes it somewhat difficult to pinpoint her exact features, except for mischevous green eyes that seem to shine in whatever light is present, and nine long fox tails poking out from behind her. Perhaps most attention catching about her is her clothing… she favors clothing that most would call extravagant, even excessive in their luxury, almost always a kimono or robe of some sort, which usually hugs her slim frame.

Her clothing usually looks as though the materials themselves must have cost a not insubstantial fortune, just for the fabric, the thread… not even to mention the long, long hours of masterful craftsmanship that must have gone into actually sewing the garment together. Truly a luxurious taste in clothing.

Soon to come

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