Kumiko Coleman

Species: Fennec fox
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120lbs
Fur Color: Sandy brown
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Sergeant, Protectorate Marine Corps (former), CMO Paradise Station (current)

At first glance there appears to be little to Kumiko to set her apart from others around her, aside perhaps from her somewhat below average height and an almost ubiquitous white lab coat which may give her away as a medical officer, to which her name tag is attached whenever she's on duty. Aside from the lab coat her clothing varies, but usually tends towards lighter colors (particularly blues and greens).

Her shoulder length hair is almost always kept combed straight and smooth, and left to hang down her back, except for a portion of it which is pulled into a pony tail and left 'atop' the rest of her otherwise free flowing hair. Her frame is slight, but a practiced observer would note a good degree of physical fitness and strength, and perhaps a certain rigid bearing which may hint at prior military service.

Another look from a more attentive observer may reveal more. A pair of thin-framed glasses remain almost always perched on her nose, a definite oddity in today's age of readily available and affordable vision-corrective surgeries. Anyone paying particular attention may notice various lines of data, text, and pictures scrolling down the lenses, providing her with vision correction as well as a handy monitor to study information on.

Kumiko, in her earlier years, had led a fairly average life for a upper-middle class person. She attended school, had friends, and so on just like any other girl her age (except for a childhood illness which stunted her growth somewhat). Upon coming of age she briefly attended a fairly prestigious medical school, earning extremely good marks and praise from most of her professors. However, after a few years of watching student loans and other debts piling up, she decided to abandon her studies and enlist in the Protectorate Marine Corps, where over the next several years of service she managed to earn a rank of Sergeant, and command of a squad.

It is here that her life took a turn for the unexpected. During what was supposed to be routine patrol/garrison duty on a border world her unit came under attack from Imperial forces and was separated from the main Protectorate force in the are. When it became clear that her unit was outmanned and outgunned, she requested support and evac for her unit from the area. However, due to heavier fighting elsewhere, her request went unanswered. As a result, most of her unit was wiped out, and the survivors taken prisoner… herself included.
She spent six months as an Imperial POW before the local Protectorate forces finally managed to push the Imperials off the planet and she was rescued.

She and the rest of her squad (those who survived the initial fighting and resulting imprisonment) were to receive various medals and commendations for their service and time spent as prisoners, but when the ranking officer to award them their commendations turned out to be the very same one who had originally ignored her request for support, Kumiko lost control and attacked him, nearly killing him before finally being pulled off and restrained. Due to the circumstances, and help from a very good lawyer sympathetic to her case, she was lucky enough to get away with a dishonorable discharge from the service instead of a long stay in a Protectorate prison facility. She carries with her a general bitterness and distrust of the military.

She returned to school to complete her medical training afterward, graduating second in her class, and has spent the years since floating around from job to job, until finally arriving at her current position as chief medical officer of Paradise Station. Since leaving the Protectorate military, she has sworn (even before being required to take her Hippocratic oath) never to kill again when another way is available. She has had quite enough of death and violence, and would be content to never have to deal with it again. However, she will not hesitate to harm or kill again, should it be necessary in order to preserve a life… whether a patients, a friends, a strangers, or her own.

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