Kyle Silverfall

Kyle Silverfall


Physical description and/or a reference

Kyle is about 5'6" he has a face that resembles a Canine but his eyes are long with a odd curl at the end. His fur is colorized with dark and light blue. (cyan) He has the cutest blue eyes one can lay eyes on along with some nice dark blue head fur. Traveling along his body he seems to wear a few shoulder pads and a dark rubber jacket or coat. You'll notice his sharp claws and strange looking paws. He has a tail that represents a lizards tail but he has allot of control over, that to is striped with dark blue and cyan fur colors. His body has odd markings. He seems to be friendly.

Weight and/or physical build:
Slim but well but well built for a species like him, his legs seem the strongest part of the body.

Personality: Kyle is a kinda and caring person. Having faced much of his life in a mud pit. He tries to find a home and be happy.

Kyle was born to a lower middle class family. His father worked hard, always moving around to find better jobs in order to provide a better chance at a happy life for his son. He had loving parents who supported him in all his goals. When he enlisted into the local constabulary his parents were ecstatic, their son had found a wonderful stable job that was a benefit to the community as a whole. This ended when Kyle tragically lost his eyes in an attack by a criminal he was working to bring the justice. Thanks to the works of a highly skilled off-world medical officer who was on duty at the time, Kyle was able to have cybernetic eyes implanted, restoring and enhancing his sight. Due to this minor tragedy Kyle became dissatisfied with his life on his homeworld, and struck out into the universe in order to build up his skills as an officer of the law, and also to indulge his new passion, Medical Technology. As such, Kyle has taken numerous night and evening courses in order to learn significant medical skills, and has earned himself a minor medical degree.

Ability and skills:

Color changing: Kyle is capable of changing the color of his fur color at will. This color changing ability is not sufficient to allow him to blend perfectly into surroundings, however, it does allow him a significant camouflage bonus when trying to go unnoticed. It likely also saves quite a bit of money on fur dye. Further, the ability to change his fur color gives him a considerable ability with disguise, as he can completely change his outward appearance rather rapidly.

Climbing: Due to the nature of his lizard-like claws and scales on his hands, Kyle is especially good at being able to grasp into small cracks and fissures on the face of surfaces, this allows Kyle to climb any semi-rough or rougher slope at half his normal movement rate, even up a vertical surface.

Cybernetic Eyes: Kyle's cybernetic eyes allow him to see the full visible light spectrum, and also into the Infrared Spectrum, giving him a significant advantage in spotting ambushes and people who have hidden themselves.

(skill) Medical: Kyle has a degree equivalent to a modern Physician's Assistant Degree, this means that he is knowledge in most areas of basic medical knowledge, giving him superior abilities in administering first aid, and giving him skill in triage, making him a valuable asset as a mid-rank medical officer.

(Skill) Police Work: Kyle is a highly skilled officer with years of experience. Kyle is skilled in collecting evidence, basic interrogation and other skills one can reasonable expect of a police officer.

(Skill) Detective: Kyle is knowledgeable in the skills of a detective, including but not limited to, disguise, bluffing, investigation, and advanced evidence gathering techniques.

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