Name: Leika Kaene
Age: 28 Earth Years
Height: 9'98" feets
Weight: You'd do well not to ask.
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Description: White scales covers her entire body followed by pink stripes along her back and tail, her eyes are yellowish, with a black slit akin to that of a snake's eye, her wardrobe consists mostly of a purple turtle neck sweater, a lab coat over the sweater, and long social style black pants as well as a small pair of glasses standing in the middle of hir snout.

Leika is known as a rather excentric issarian, diferently from the rest of hir race, shi doesn't display the same discipline as hir fellow bretheren, preffering to do whatever shi pleases whenever shi can get away with it, hir choice of carrer followed hir more carefree nature while also exploring hir intelectual ability, most referring to hir as being a mad scientist. Although most of hir inventions are rather useless, others proved to be a boon for many areas, providing the issarian with legal patents that affords hir a confortable life, shi's also always seem carrying a portable alchemical workshop in a briefcase, protected by an internal generated gravitational field that prevents the contents from being shifted in case the briefcase itself comes to be thrown or shaken violently, thus protecting the chemicals within from breaking and spilling over.

Shi's also known for being absent minded when shi's working on a concoction or a new invention, to the point of a rumour stating that shi spent hir time working in hir lab while the building was on fire, the fire was put out when the firemen discovered the issarian still working as if nothing had happened.

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