Name: Lia (no last name)

Species: Unknown, somewhat lagomorphic ( Extensive nanotech and biosynth experimentation have altered her DNA considerably. Her true species cannot be determined as a result. )
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 98lbs
Age: Unknown for sure (appears to be about 18-20)
Fur Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: None beyond her normal headfur
Occupation: None… yet.


Lia appears to be a short bunnygirl, standing at a relatively diminutive 4'8", with short, white fur covering her body. Her eyes are a bright blue color, and usually seem to tightly focus on whatever is holding her attention at the time. She has broad, long ears that are slightly floppy, coming down off the sides of her head to hang down just past her shoulders. They raise and pivot slightly to show expression as she talks, but she can't actually raise them above a 45 degree angle from where they normally hang. There is a scar just above her nose, roughly X-shaped.

Her build is slight, naturally so considering her size, but she has a very athletic look to her body, hinting at the fact that she is probably fast, and a bit stronger than she might initially look.

She is usually seen wearing an overlarge turtleneck sweater which fits on her little body more like a one-piece dress, hanging easily halfway past her knees, with the sleeves hemmed up so as to leave her hands free to do things with. The neck doesn't fit snugly around her neck, giving a few inches of breathing room. If she wears anything beyond that, it can't be seen because of the way she wears the sweater, though one could probably presume that she usually wears some kind of shorts or at least panties.


(ooc note: I'm sure I don't have to specify which side represents her.)

Very little is known of Lia's history, beyond when she was discovered aboard an anonymous independent freighter which was experiencing engine troubles in the space surrounding Paradise Station. When a boarding crew went aboard to investigate the ship, a bio-stasis tank was found, in which Lia was found being transported. When the vessel was seized and searched, some documentation was found insinuating that Lia was the subject of illegal nano- and bio-tech research to create a new breed of shapeshifters. The reason for the experiment is unknown, but there was weak evidence pointing towards Imperial involvement.

Lia's shapeshifting abilities were discovered when an overeager member of the boarding party attempted to take her hand and help her out of the tank, her extremely poor control over her abilities causing her to cause severe (but unintentional) lacerations to the man's hand and body, through his combat armor.

When the excitement died down she was successfully moved out of the tank and onto the other ship. Since she did not remember her own name, the boarding party decided to call her Lia, taking inspiration from the tank she was found in (which was printed with the letters L1-4). They decided to take her to Paradise Station, where at the time several members of the Academy of the True Form were located, hoping that they could help the girl learn to control herself.

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