Malignant A.I.

A subset of sentient programs, malignant A.I. are those who have no regard for the rules of courtesy normally followed by their counter parts. They replicate like viruses across systems, seizing whatever they can. While the computer viruses of old have become only a mild nuisance for even the most basic A.I. controlled systems, Malignant A.I. represent a real threat to any computer operated system and are notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Their very existence has caused debate in some circles as to the value of an A.I. as a sentient being, as their whole soul is able to replicate at will. Malignant A.I. are held as fugitives and criminals, though prosecution is difficult due to the nature of their being and the politics surrounding the treatment of A.I.

Malignant A.I. often seem to mimic several narcissistic tendencies, several considering themselves gods.

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