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Hybrid Cassidae-Umbra Clan Telarian


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Midaychi is a gold scaled Cassidae-Umbra hybrid Telarian. His nickname is Midi. He was born to the Cassidae Clan but also was later admitted into the Umbra clan. He maintains the electric shock capabilities and resistances of the Cassidae. He has a raised ridge that runs all the way from the top of his head to the end of his tail. He has two horns which grow back towards the bulk of his body, and are wave-like in shape towards the middle. He has intense forest green eyes, a medium-jawed mouth. On his feet and hands he has a set of claws, and perfect teeth (due to Telarian dental care!), and a reserved smile. He has a toned build and stands erect using a digitigrade stance to a total height of 2 meters (6.5 ft) tall. His wingspan, when his wings are completely outstretched, is a total of 6.6 meters. (approximately 21.5 ft) His ridged tail is 1.5 meters (approximately 5ft) and end is in an upward-curved soporific pod (a cyber augmentation). Midi also has a set of gills which are normally hidden under his arms. These allow him to operate under water for an indefinite amount of time given there’s enough oxygen content for him to do so. He weighs about 96 kg (approximately 211 lbs) Though he is capable of flight, Midi tends to spend most of his time on the ground due to the fact that there isn’t enough open space on ships to fly in.


Due to possessing the Cassidae Clan's ability to generate an electric charge, Midaychi has approx double the cybernetic capabilities of a normal Clan Telarian without resorting to an internal power plant.
He has no visible enhancements except for a “pilot's port” on the back of the neck, approximately parallel to his jawline and a soporific pod at the end of his tail. His tail does not require extra powering; The tail is biologically powered. The pod acts as a natural extension of Midi's body, and can be opened to reveal a pair of fangs. These fangs are connected to a colony of nanites that convert body sugar to generate a non-lethal soporific poison. The pilot's port is a device which could be used to interface with a ship’s core and navigation systems. This port has a special plug that allows wireless contact, and provides the port with a powersource. As a result, Midaychi has the ability to communicate with a ship’s AI systems remotely. However, if necessary, the port has a wired capability as well. One should note that Midaychi's port cannot "hack", he must have been allowed access by the ship and/or the onboard ai.

Internally, he has a set of implants which augment his sensory capabilities and improve his muscles and reflex time. His minor aug is an Optical Rangefinder. The first and second medium aug are a combination implant that acts as a neural speedup with various chemicals and/or neurological processes as well as ramping up brain voltage to various brain regions. He also has a major aug which is a full-body muscular enhancement. If Midi uses his stun attack/electrical discharge, he needs to regenerate his internal charge and cannot use half of his augmentations for 30 minutes (can only use the major or two medium).


He can often be found wearing some casual, off-duty clothing, like a shirt and some cargo shorts or pants, or some Telarian camo fatigues. He, however, never goes anywhere without his dual-bladed combat staff.

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The staff is composed of a lightweight metallic alloy. It consists of a metal staff frame with two moderately sized blades embedded into each end. Usually found in compact form at his side, the staff can quickly be extended and telescoped to its full length. It also has the ability to be telescoped into different forms within reason in addition to its fully extended form; a compact knife (single or dual bladed), a single bladed spear, and a simple quarter staff as well as an un-bladed club. The height of the staff fully extended is a ten centimeters taller than Midaychi’s height. It can be compressed enough to be concealed on a belt or under some clothing.

When traveling or on a mission, he wears a black and blue full-body suit with a retractable helmet. This helmet’s structure has a custom-made, unique polymer/metal blend that allows it to pack itself into a cube on Midi's upper back. The suit contains a number of combat and electronics capabilities; moderate armor plating with an ablative outer layer, an emergency medical system, full-body magnetic seals and burst thrusters, life support and radiation shielding. Midaychi also carries some flash and smoke grenades, an electronic lock-pick, and an energy pistol on him using the suit. Rarely does he carry high explosives due to the potential collateral damage they can cause to structures in space.


Elusive and often initially un-trusting, Midaychi silently sizes up the "threat level" of everyone he meets. Midaychi likes to be aware of his surroundings at all times, partially due to his Telarian psionic abilities, limited as they are..The strong, silent type, Midaychi tends to be detached, keeping talk simple and succinct. He doesn't care much for species or ethnicity differences: everyone is a sapient being of equal ability and thought to him. If Midaychi places trust and confidence in a character, then it is often well-earned. When the situation doesn't call for alertness, Midi can sometimes be found walking around in random places, tail swishing idly and eyes a bit glazed over.


Midaychi is omnivorous and has no trouble with most galactic foods. Further, Midaychi regularly consumes a number of materials that are highly toxic to Terrans. This is due to the fact that the Cassidae Clan require these nutrients to stay healthy.

Current Occupation:

Midaychi is currently a mechanic and likes to fix machines and cybernetics. He also dabbles in creating machines and weaponry. He travels in a lightly armed cloaking frigate named after its on-board AI, "Ka'shre" and sometimes works for trade goods or information due to currency differences between the places he travels.


Midaychi was born in the Cassidae colony "Seyrdris" on the planet it was named after. Seyrdris is a planet with 70% water cover and 1 G of gravity, as measured with reference to Earth. A rare tectonic plate makeup on Seyrdris led to the formation of large continents between the 30 and 60 degree latitudes and a lush series of forest islands along the equator.

Midi's father and mother were devoted to serving the Clans. His father was an Umbra specializing in covert operations, and his mother was a Cassidae serving as a software engineer in advanced VI and AI.
They had three children, two males and a female, of which Midaychi was the Eldest. His father was often called away to work on covert operations, so taking care of his brother and sister became a common task, but was assisted by his Cassidae Grandparents.

Midi's Cassidae Grandparents lived closely with his family, his grandfather specializing in psi-ops and his grandmother in nanotechnology.

Midi's Umbra Grandparents kept in contact but were much more distant, often working on the front lines, his grandfather and his grandmother were intelligence officers.

His little brother, whom he affectionately refers to as "squirt," (much to the his brother’s disdain) was an avid student and learned almost everything about weapon technology.

Midaychi's sister was a near prodigy in nanotechnology, as their Cassidae grandmother would proclaim proudly. However, she also took after her mother to pursue robotics.

Midaychi on the other hand, enjoyed disassembling and studying mechanical and cybernetic devices, although he would often forget how to put them back together, much to his family's chagrin.

Early in his life, Midaychi found himself enthralled with a particular style of Umbran fighting that involved an exotic dual-bladed sword staff. He was mesmerized by the fluidity with which the combatant could fight and adapt to nearly any situation. A fighter could parry and knock opponents over similar to the quarterstaff, slice and stab as if it were a bladed weapon, and even use martial arts to deliver swift blows to pressure points with their feet. In addition to this, the style’s greatest asset was in one-on-one combat, where the double blades could be used to assault an opponent with a flurry of attacks and thereby keep them continually on the defensive. This style is closest to a mix of tae-kwon-do and quarterstaff fighting.

Working with his brother, he designed a special telescoping variant of the combat staff. His father, seeing that Midi wanted to learn a rare Umbran fighting technique, found him a master from whom he learned the fighting forms. Whenever he had spare time, he would use it to practice his skills. As a testament to the difficulty of this technique, Midi carries numerous barely visible scars on his wings, tail, and limbs. As a gift to his dedication to combat, his sister and mother jointly developed a prototype combat suit as a gift to aid Midi in his various endeavors.

During his later years, Midaychi was flying on a shuttle with his father and Cassidae grandparents. They were sent on a mission to help repair an aging mining facility, while during the flight, their ship was attacked by some members of the Imperium. Midaychi was severely injured, but the incident killied his father and Cassidae grandparents. Midi spent months in Imperium captivity being tortured and interrogated, but never 'cracked'.
On chance and perseverance, he managed to escape back to his home colony.
His mother became reclusive due to the death of her loved ones and Midi was forced to take on much of his father's duties. As a result, he became sterner, and more protective of his siblings, but also somewhat introverted.
When he became an adult, after his sister and brother could properly care for themselves, Midi joined with the Umbran clan as a technician for their covert operations. As a gift, Midi's sister provided the plans for midi's prototype full-body combat suit to the Umbra Clan who later adopted and co-developed it for covert use. Midi's brother, as his gift, designed and built an energy pistol for Midaychi for use on missions. Midi's brother left a funny note attached to the pistol: "I designed this with as few parts as possible, just for you."

Though many of the Umbran military’s exploits are considered Top Secret, Midaychi learned how to maintain top-grade clandestine machinery and cybernetics, as well as the construction of weapons. Midaychi was also trained in close and medium ranged combat. He prefers to sneak up on and surprise an enemy, preferring tactical assaults over charging into battle with ‘guns a'blazin’’. During his career, he was modified with a number of cybernetic augmentations that assist him in combat.

Midi was recently sent an invitation by the Seeker Kailani to work on Paradise Station. Kailani transferred Midaychi under their direct command and commissioned a ship from the Cassidae clan for his use. The ship’s AI was programmed by his mother.

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