Mining Ships

Almost since the beginning of Terran exploration of the galaxy there has been the need to cultivate resources for the production and repair of ships wherever one goes. This is typically done through mining but with many of the worlds of the galaxy already having been laid claim to, the Terrans were left somewhat on their own with how new they are to exploration on such a large scale.

Most races had long considered a planet to be the only source of raw materials for building. The ingenuity of the Terrans was what solved their problem. The most-needed material of all to them was iron for the production of steel needed in large ships. As it happens they went back to the very first source that iron was gained from, asteroids - or meteorites as the ancients had relied upon. Rather than waiting for a lump of space rock to fall into a favorable orbit to begin mining it close to home, large ships were constructed and aboard them were loaded autonomous drones, some of the originals of which are still operational to this day.

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