Murder on the station

**This rp wasn't planned or anything. More of spontaneous, but with a general theme. Nothing has been altered in any way, shape, or form, except for ip addresses. so enjoy it ;)

  • Kanzo is played by Salicia, as is BluePhoenix.
  • Kanzo, BluePheonix, and Sinjow aren't approved characters.
  • This was set in OOC because players weren't approved for IC
  • Also, murder isn't allowed in IC so we thought we'd avoid that too
  • There were also other player characters that weren't on, so we detoured around that
  • The AI did not help as it probably would have been too easy and therefore no rp
  • Similarly, the knife wasn't sent in for testing because 1) there was noone to test it 2) there it would also help botch up the rp
  • All characters are played pretty much as they are in the wiki:

This is set on murder with Kanzo being the killer. Everyone is a suspect.

[20:33] * Salicia drags zenshu along to the cafe
[20:33] * zenshu is happy to spend more time with salicia:D
[20:34] * Sinjow follows!
[20:34] * Salicia orders some lemonade for herself. "What do you two want?"
[20:34] <zenshu> i'll have a root beer
[20:35] * Sinjow blinks and looks down, "Just some water, I guess…"
[20:35] * Salicia nods and orders a root beer and water
[20:35] <zenshu> so why'd you take us here
[20:36] <+Salicia> No real reason. Wanted to chat a bit.
[20:36] * Kanzo yells. "Today is your last day!" (insert blood-curling yell here)
[20:36] <zenshu> what the heck was that?
[20:37] * Kanzo runs down the hall and turns the corner
[20:37] <+Salicia> Quick! It came from that direction!
[20:37] * zenshu runs to the source of the scream
[20:38] * Sinjow scampers quickly towards that direction, tripping and falling behind in the time it takes hir to catch up.
[20:38] * Salicia runs after zenshu and Sinjow, wondering what could have happened
[20:39] <zenshu> whats all the screaming about!?
[20:39] * Salicia sees a body and a pool of blood with a knife sticking out of the fur
[20:40] * zenshu gasps "who could've….?"
[20:40] * Xel‘Kahn Quit
[20:40] <+Salicia> I don’t know.
[20:40] * Sinjow gulps and looks at the body, seeming frozen in place, eyes wide…
[20:40] <zenshu> we need to find out then.
[20:41] * Kanzo fakes a run and sees Salicia, Sinjow , and zenshu "What in - Oh, my god…."
[20:41] * Irick pounce-fluffs a Salicia tail
[20:41] * Salicia nods and notices Kanzo
[20:42] * Sinjow feels a shiver go up hir spine when Kanzo approaches, hairs standing on end as shi remains frozen…
[20:42] <+Salicia> (XD Irick. I need to ask you stuff about bingion. but later, if you have time)
[20:42] * zenshu has a solemn look on his face. "irick does this realy seem like the time for pouncing?" sees kanzo "hey did you see anything just now?"
[20:43] * Kanzo shakes his head. "N.. no. Who could have done this?!"
[20:43] <+Salicia> (I'm assuming that the pounce is OOC OOC)
[20:44] <Sinjow> (Probably)
[20:44] <zenshu> [yes probably but still it neede to be said cause imma jerk]
[20:44] <&Irick> ooc is ooc, i could not be more ooc except if i was me who was not me but no longer pretending to be me.
[20:44] <+Kanzo> (XD)
[20:44] <zenshu> [and now ma brain hurts :(
[20:45] <+Salicia> (LOL)
[20:45] * Salicia shakes her head. "I don't know, but I'll get to the bottom of this."
[20:45] <&Irick> (also, i saw, and sure, you can use the orginised crime in your backstory, i just ask you familureise yourself with bingion and feel free to ask me any specifics)
[20:45] <zenshu> yes well we should probably start by figuring out who this is
[20:46] * Kanzo volunteers. "I'll help too!" He picks up the knife
[20:46] * Sinjow has to turn away, holding a paw over hir maw to keep hirself from reacting…
[20:47] * Salicia shrieks "NOOOO!" She was too late.
[20:47] * zenshu looks in concern at sinjow, pats hir shoulder "are you gonna be okay?"
[20:47] * Sinjow nods, "Yes… I just… I can't look at dead bodies…"
[20:47] <zenshu> [for what?]
[20:47] * Kanzo drops the knife abruptly. "I'm so sorry. I… I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking."
[20:47] <+Salicia> (my character)
[20:48] * Salicia sighs. "Too late now. We should still have it sent in for fingerprinting."
[20:48] <zenshu> hopefully we get something. who handles things like this on paradise anyway
[20:50] * Kanzo shrugs. "Are there even any detectives here?"
[20:50] * Salicia thinks about that question for a moment
[20:51] <zenshu> i'm just an engineer so… what about you sal?
[20:51] <+Salicia> i'm a fighter
[20:51] * Retsnoma walks by with a cup of coffee
[20:51] <+Kanzo> Lowly janitor…
[20:51] <%Retsnoma> it was the help
[20:52] <%Retsnoma> its alwase the help
[20:52] <zenshu> hey retsnoma where were you just a few seconds ago?
[20:52] * Retsnoma keeps walking
[20:52] <%Retsnoma> shooting range
[20:52] <%Retsnoma> with blue
[20:52] <%Retsnoma> gigity
[20:52] <+Kanzo> Oh? Care to prove that to us?
[20:52] <+Kanzo> LIAR! Blue's in her room!
[20:53] <zenshu> how would you know that?
[20:53] <%Retsnoma> who says the shooting range wasnt in her room.
[20:53] * Sinjow blinks… Calming down and looking about… Looking at each person.
[20:54] <+Kanzo> I saw her go in her room when I was working earlier
[20:54] <+Salicia> Oh that type of shooting range, huh? You sly devil! I knew you had it in you
[20:55] <%Retsnoma> well of corse i have it in me salicia i showed you that last week
[20:55] * Retsnoma winks
[20:55] * Salicia laughs and winks back
[20:55] <zenshu> can we just focus for a second here?!?
[20:55] <+Kanzo> I agree.
[20:56] <%Retsnoma> focus on what?
[20:56] <+Kanzo> who killed that person right there
[20:56] <%Retsnoma> right whe…oh
[20:56] * Sinjow nods, "I agree with zenshu and Kanzo… I think we need to isolate people… Into categories. Probable, others… You now…"
[20:56] <%Retsnoma> well it wasnt me
[20:56] <zenshu> we don't even know why this person was killed
[20:57] <zenshu> or who it is that was killed
[20:58] * Salicia nods. "It looks like a computer technician. not very well-kept too. there's coffee stains on her pants"
[20:58] * Retsnoma starts to slowly sneak off with his coffeecup
[20:58] <zenshu> does anyone know this poor bastard
[20:59] <Sinjow> No… Well, I've seen her around…. But I didn't -know- her.
[20:59] <%Retsnoma> too bad she didnt have death or bloody dismemberment insurance
[21:00] * Sinjow blinks…
[21:00] <+Kanzo> I've seen her around too. Her office is a mess and hard to clean up sometimes. She got scolded about it by her boss
[21:00] <+Kanzo> him*
[21:00] <+Kanzo> He*
[21:00] <+Kanzo> wait
[21:00] <+Kanzo> it was right
[21:01] <Sinjow> xD
[21:01] * zenshu suddenly realizes that they heard a loud scream. "whoever did this is a guy and needs to be nearby. we just need to look around here"
[21:01] * Retsnoma slips into the cafe
[21:01] <zenshu> brb
[21:01] * Sinjow blinks and looks over at zenshu, "Well, it's -probable- that it was a guy. There's always an open possibility… You never know…"
[21:03] * Salicia nods at Sinjow's words. "Could be a woman. I suggest checking up on that coffee stain."
[21:03] * Kanzo nods and moves towards the cafe
[21:03] * Salicia follows Kanzo
[21:04] * Sinjow walks alongside Kanzo, looking down, "Ugh… Horrible, isn't it?"
[21:05] * Kanzo nods and pats Sinjow on the back "Whoever did this must be a monster."
[21:05] * Sinjow nods slowly… "Yeah… You'd think with the number of times I've seen a dead person, I'd be over it by now…"
[21:06] * Kanzo looks at Sinjow "number of times? What do you do on the station?"
[21:07] * Salicia perks up at Sinjow's statement too. "Mortician?"
[21:08] * Sinjow looks up at Kanzo, getting another shiver, though shi doesn't know why, "Uh, yeah… Most of my family… Well, let's just say I didn't have many people around in my life… And I'm just sort of an idle engineer…"
[21:08] <zenshu> i'm sorry to hear that sinjow.
[21:08] * Kanzo nods. "I understand." He didn't really, but faking emotions was something he did on instinct
[21:09] * Salicia nuzzles Sinjow. "Sorry we pushed."
[21:09] * Sinjow nods, "Well… Yeah… It's okay… But this isn't about me. This is about whoever did… -that-…"
[21:10] * Salicia nods "Right. Let's talk to amber about who recently ordered coffee from her"
[21:11] * Kanzo hesitates "Uh… Amber's not there right now. She's doing something"
[21:11] * Salicia growls softly. "Great. So what do we do? Any ideas?"
[21:11] * Sinjow blinks, "But… I thought I saw-… Oh well, I must be mistaken…"
[21:11] <zenshu> hmm…? well it can be interupted for this
[21:12] * Retsnoma puts his feet up inside the cafe leting out a soft yawn and smoothing down mussed fur.
[21:12] * Kanzo looks at Sinjow "what did you see? It might be important"
[21:12] * Sinjow head-shakes, "Oh, no, I just thought I saw Amber before, but like I said, I must've been mistaken…"
[21:13] * Kanzo headtilts. "What? i was sure she was doing something."
[21:13] <zenshu> are you particularly close to amber kanzo?
[21:13] * Sinjow headshakes, "Yeah, you're probably right Kanzo…"
[21:14] <+Kanzo> Well, not really. But I do pass by the cafe often. Both for job reason as much as for the drinks and food.
[21:14] <zenshu> i hear that.
[21:15] * Salicia hmms. "We should try to follow up just in case. Maybe after checking to see if there's someone in the cafe that might know?"
[21:15] <zenshu> besides someone must be running this place now
[21:15] * Salicia nods and walks towards the cafe again
[21:15] * Kanzo follows Salicia
[21:15] * zenshu walks alongside sal
[21:16] * Sinjow walks behind the group…
[21:16] * Salicia waves at Retsnoma and pulls up a few chairs. "Heya ret."
[21:16] <%Retsnoma> hello
[21:16] * Retsnoma waves back
[21:17] * Kanzo waves at Retsnoma too
[21:17] <+Salicia> We're kind of at a dead end in this killing mystery. You know if amber's around?
[21:17] * zenshu sits and looks around the cafe "do you guys think anyone here saw something?"
[21:18] <+Salicia> I doubt it. The only two of us not accounted for are Retsnoma and Kanzo. I doubt the killer would stick with us. It'd be dangerous for him or her
[21:18] * Sinjow nods… "Well, unless… Er, nevermind."
[21:18] * Salicia looks at Sinjow "Unless what?"
[21:19] <zenshu> c'mon tell us
[21:19] * Sinjow blinks and shakes hir head, "No, it was stupid. It couldn't be any of us.
[21:19] <+Salicia> What do you mean?
[21:20] <+Kanzo> (god I love this action and mystery we're having already XD)
[21:20] <zenshu> hmm…? well we know it wasn't you me or sal so…
[21:20] <Sinjow> Well, I was just saying that it -could- be any one of us…
[21:20] <%Retsnoma> srry
[21:20] <+Salicia> sorry for what, Retsnoma?
[21:21] <%Retsnoma> cleanin keybord)
[21:21] <+Salicia> (XD doesn't matter)
[21:21] <+Kanzo> Well, I was at work, so I didn't do it.
[21:21] <+Salicia> We're kind of at a dead end in this killing mystery, ret. You know if amber's around?
[21:22] <zenshu> well i can help you clear your name for good kanzo. i'll just shoot some truth serum down your lungs and then you can tell us the truth again.
[21:22] <%Retsnoma> no…
[21:23] <zenshu> easy as 1 2 3
[21:23] <+Kanzo> What? No! What if you do mind control with that?!
[21:24] * Salicia pokes zenshu "Leave him be. he's probably scared witless by the killing. As he should be"
[21:24] * Sinjow looks over at zenshu and shakes her head, "It's okay… I don't think Kanzo could've done it… He doesn't seem to be that kind of person…"
[21:24] <zenshu> its just a natural truth serum. it doesn't do things like that though.
[21:24] <+Salicia> I think that BluePhoenix would be able to vouch for Retsnoma if he really were with him.
[21:25] * Kanzo shakes his head "I don't care. You're not doing that stuff to me."
[21:25] <zenshu> yea and we can just talk to some of kanzo's co-workers to clear him
[21:25] * BluePhoenix walks in a tired manner towards the cafe. "Amber's not in today?"
[21:25] <+Salicia> no, not today.
[21:26] <+Salicia> By the way, blue, I hear you were with ret just a while ago ;)
[21:26] * BluePhoenix straigtens up, her belly a bulging a bit. "What?! NO!"
[21:27] * Kanzo stiffens a little at the thought of a co-worker clearing him
[21:27] * zenshu draws his sword and threatening rurik "so where were you realy then?"
[21:28] * Salicia holds zenshu off. "hold on a second there, knight in shining armor." she pokes BluePhoenix with a claw, forcing a bit of cum out of her
[21:28] * BluePhoenix gasps and runs back to her room
[21:28] * Sinjow blinks and blushes at Blue…
[21:29] * Salicia chuckles. "I'd say that is answer enough, zenshu. Won't you?"
[21:29] * zenshu ack, blushes, turns to rurik "um… sorry"
[21:29] * Kanzo seems amused by the entire encounter
[21:30] <zenshu> so i guess we should talk to your friends then kanzo
[21:30] * Kanzo shakes his head "They're all off-duty, doing god knows what."
[21:31] * Salicia thinks for a second. "Well…"
[21:31] <+Salicia> How about you show us the victim's office? You said you cleaned up in there, didn't you?
[21:31] <%Retsnoma> (there all of the keys are back in place)
[21:31] <zenshu> well we'll just look around for them. we don't have anything better to do
[21:31] <+Salicia> (XD ret)
[21:32] <%Retsnoma> (all of them were poped from my keyboard! i was cleaning it of hair and gunk!)
[21:32] <zenshu> (ew)
[21:32] <+Salicia> (:O I gotta do it with my laptop to clean it
[21:32] <%Retsnoma> and yes dragonbreath, i was a bit busy to be killing anyone
[21:33] * Salicia grins at Retsnoma and winks
[21:33] * Retsnoma winks back at salicia mouthing "your next"
[21:33] * Kanzo nods. "I could show you guys the room. It's a mess though. I honestly don't know how she works like that"
[21:33] * zenshu contemplates locking up rurik anyway as he puts away his sword
[21:33] * Salicia grins, mouthing "i'll be on top then"
[21:34] <%Retsnoma> same way i work in my messy pilot house
[21:34] * Kanzo shrugs and turns to lead the way
[21:34] * Retsnoma slips his pistol from a holster under his jacket and checks the clip.
[21:35] * Sinjow blushes, having trouble keeping hir ears on the important things at hand rather than the conversation between Retsnoma and Salicia…
[21:35] * Salicia looks at that pistol with a bit of trepidation
[21:35] <%Retsnoma> im still not sure if it will work properly
[21:35] <zenshu> you think the murderers there
[21:36] <%Retsnoma> i found the plans for this baby on an abandoned server on tivon six.
[21:36] * Salicia pulls out her railgun. "well, I'm trained at using this." She winks
[21:36] <%Retsnoma> im not trained to use anything
[21:36] <%Retsnoma> though i know im good at what i do generaly
[21:37] <zenshu> why is everyone showing off their weapons?
[21:37] * Salicia nods and puts her gun away
[21:37] * Kanzo cocks an eyeridge at Salicia and Retsnoma "Seriously. We have a killer to catch."
[21:37] <%Retsnoma> because you pointed that little monster sticker at me
[21:37] * Sinjow nods, "Kanzo's right…"
[21:37] <zenshu> how bout you two *looking at sinjow and kanzo* you guys armed too
[21:38] <%Retsnoma> thats a warning, do it again and il get shot out an airlock for killing you.
[21:38] * Sinjow holds up a… wrench?
[21:38] * Kanzo takes out a ring of keys. "Does this count?"
[21:38] * Salicia growls at Retsnoma to shut up.
[21:38] * Retsnoma turns his eyes to sinjow and chuckles
[21:39] * zenshu ignores retsnomas threat confident in his ability to kill him
[21:39] * Sinjow looks down at hir wrench…
[21:39] <%Retsnoma> (never bring a sword to a gunfight)
[21:39] * Retsnoma winks at shinjow
[21:40] * Kanzo almost smiled; everyone's fighting against each other. This was perfect.
[21:40] * Salicia sighs. "There's a killer out there. We shouldn't fight between ourselves."
[21:40] * Jester- is now known as Korona
[21:40] <%Retsnoma> i still say it was the help, it alwase is.
[21:40] <zenshu> well at least the three of us are more than enough to handle him
[21:40] <zenshu> regardless of who it is
[21:41] * Salicia nods
[21:41] <&Korona> So violent~
[21:41] * Korona almost certainly wasn't standing there a moment ago.
[21:41] * Salicia jumps to see Korona, peering at (him/her) with slits as eyes
[21:42] * Kanzo looks startled at Korona; could he/she have seen him kill the woman?
[21:42] <zenshu> well it can't be helped when all three of us are capable killers
[21:42] * Korona is most certainly a she! A description lies at
[21:42] * Sinjow swings hir wrench around a few times to show it's just as good as any other melee weapon!
[21:42] * Retsnoma sips his coffee again.
[21:43] <+Salicia> (haven't read all the descs yet)
[21:43] * Salicia growls softly. "And where were you when the murder happened?"
[21:43] * Retsnoma puts his boot covered footpaws on the table geting comfortable
[21:44] <&Korona> Hmmm…? *She looks to Salicia, putting a hand to her chest* Me?
[21:44] <zenshu> she's a matron i doubt she'd ever need to kill someone herself
[21:44] <+Salicia> Still, she could very well have harbor ill-will towards that woman
[21:44] <%Retsnoma> good evening korona
[21:44] * Kanzo looks at Korona accusingly
[21:44] <%Retsnoma> coffee?
[21:45] <zenshu> we should leave her to retsnoma and try to find another suspect
[21:45] * Korona folds her hands in front of herself, looking around innocently. "What woman? I don't even know what's going on…" She shakes her head at Retsnoma. "No thank you, I prefer tea usually, and I'm not thirsty besides…"
[21:45] * Salicia leans over to zenshu "Why don't you breath some truth serum on her?"
[21:45] <%Retsnoma> well, have a seat anyway
[21:46] <%Retsnoma> these four arnt going to let you go about your bussness any time soon.
[21:46] * zenshu whispers back "why can't i just truth serum everyone here?"
[21:46] * Sinjow earperks…
[21:46] * Salicia nods "But do you have enough for everyone?"
[21:47] <+Salicia> "You'd have to have them breathe it."
[21:47] * Korona laughs softly at Retsnoma "No thanks, I'll stand."
[21:47] <%Retsnoma> well…
[21:47] * Salicia looks back at Korona
[21:47] <zenshu> well we only need it for the matron and kanzo
[21:47] * Retsnoma stretches a bit and stands walking right around the group and outside.
[21:48] <+Salicia> true, true… but then again, it feels like an invasion of privacy as well as distrust
[21:48] <zenshu> i know but it would be faster than corraborating alabies
[21:48] <Sinjow> That, and they're not the only possibilities… While it's -probable- that one of them did it, it's still -possible- one of us did…
[21:48] * Naeon is now known as Arialth
[21:49] * Salicia nods at Sinjow's words (joining in, Arialth? ;) )
[21:49] <&Korona> Probable that one of us did what? I'm quite confused.
[21:49] * Sinjow places a paw on Korona's shoulder, "Someone was… killed…."
[21:49] <+Salicia> well, IF you weren't the killer, then you should know. Around that corner *points* a woman was murdered
[21:49] * Retsnoma wanders twards his room
[21:50] * Retsnoma steps right over the corpse like it wasnt there.
[21:50] <Arialth> Rrr?
[21:50] <+Salicia> 9read up)
[21:50] <+Salicia> (all the way up XD)
[21:51] <&Korona> Hmmm…? *she steps around the corner, peering around it at the body. She doesn't seem terribly suprised.* Oh my, how distressing!
[21:51] <zenshu> korona. may i use a small amount of truth serum on you to help clear your name
[21:51] * Salicia notices the lack of surprise. "I noticed you weren't terribly surprised…"
[21:51] * Retsnoma has a seat at hi scomputer terminal and starts typeing
[21:51] * Kanzo nods "I did too."
[21:51] <zenshu> she's older than me and probably used to it
[21:52] <zenshu> wait you did what too
[21:52] <+Kanzo> She wasn't surprised.
[21:53] * Retsnoma trys to check the cervalance records.
[21:53] <zenshu> oh yes of course. sorry i was a bit confused
[21:53] * Korona turns to Zenshu, gazing evenly at… him? Her? She swishes her tails, one by one in sequence. "I think not, thank you. My name is quite clear as it is, I would like to think."
[21:54] * Kanzo wonders what Retsnoma's doing. If he found out… he would have to kill him too. It appeared that one killing DID lead to another
[21:54] <zenshu> [him] i apolagize matron. i meant no disrespect
[21:55] <%Retsnoma> hmm..
[21:55] * Salicia looks at Korona with distrust. "Of course"
[21:55] <&Korona> How was she killed, anyways? *she leans down to inspect the body more closely.
[21:55] * Retsnoma sighs and breaks out his hacking tools working his way slowly deeper into the files trying to find the right feed.
[21:55] * Kanzo stalks of in the direction where Retsnoma went, seeing him behind a computer
[21:55] * zenshu notices kanzo and silently follows
[21:56] <+Salicia> With a knife. Unfortunately, Kanzo touched it accidentally
[21:56] * Retsnoma raises an eyebrow watching the videofeed and slowly reaches for his rifle.
[21:56] * Kanzo grits his teeth and grabs a piece of wire, then pulls it taut against the feline's neck, strangling him
[21:57] * zenshu draws his gun and fires at kanzos legs
[21:57] <&Korona> Ah… another point in my favor, at least, I prefer longer blades… *she does happen to have a jian blade sheathed at her hip, proving that much at least*
[21:57] * Sinjow jumps at the gunshot, scampering underneath the nearest table.
[21:57] * Retsnoma automaticly slips a paw upwards when he feels the wire catching it just between his neck and fingers.
[21:57] * Salicia looks in the direction of the gunshot and runs to the scene
[21:57] <zenshu> don't make me kill you kanzo
[21:58] * Kanzo yells out in pain, but keeps his grip on the wire. He looks to the right and sees a rifle. If he could….
[21:58] * Retsnoma oddly dusnt struggle at all and just stands there his other paw slowly creeping down under hisjacket.
[21:58] * Salicia looks stunned as her eyes take in the scene
[21:58] * Retsnoma twists around his fingers cutting his free paw holding a pistol right between kanzo's eyes.
[21:59] <%Retsnoma> let go.
[21:59] * Kanzo gasps and slowly lets go.
[21:59] * Retsnoma squeases the trigger puting a shell into kanzo's sholder.
[22:00] <%Retsnoma> its been a while
[22:00] <zenshu> that was unnecisarry retsnoma
[22:00] <%Retsnoma> oh no zenshu
[22:00] <%Retsnoma> but this is!
[22:00] * Kanzo cries out, his right hand taking advantage of the distraction to grab the gun and point it at zenshu
[22:00] * Retsnoma extends his claws and drags them straight across the other furs face.
[22:01] <zenshu> what are you doing?
[22:01] <%Retsnoma> (scratch that last one)
[22:01] * Retsnoma slowly creeps up behind kanzo.
[22:01] <zenshu> kanzo i will shoot you if i need to
[22:01] * Retsnoma slowly opens his maw, fangs glistining
[22:01] * Kanzo tries to squeeze the trigger, his loss of blood from the shoulder starting to blind him
[22:02] * Retsnoma digs his footclaws into the carpet and pounces fangs first followed by claws.
[22:02] * Retsnoma digs his fangs deep into the others neck.
[22:02] <zenshu> don't kill him rurik
[22:03] * Kanzo pulls the trigger just as Retsnoma lands on him, the bullet wide off the mark, but hitting the barrel of the rifle
[22:03] * Retsnoma gives his head just a little twist.
[22:03] <%Retsnoma> ih kih ihm ih i ant uh!
[22:03] * Kanzo claws at Retsnoma trying to get him off. Darkness surrounding him
[22:03] * Salicia still stands shocked
[22:04] <zenshu> just break his arm or something he should stop
[22:04] <+Kanzo> (totally didn't get that)
[22:04] * Retsnoma clenches his jaws a audable POP! sounding as his neck is snaped.
[22:04] <%Retsnoma> (il kill him if i want to!)
[22:04] * Kanzo gurgles, then hangs limp
[22:05] * zenshu looks in anger at rurik "what the hell rurik. he was finished. you didn't need to kill him!"
[22:05] * Salicia 's knees weakened and she fell on her buttocks
[22:05] * Retsnoma wipes his maw leting him go.
[22:05] * Sinjow peeks in at the scene, letting out a loud "Ah!" Running to scamper under a table again… shaking…
[22:05] <%Retsnoma> it was a murcy killing.
[22:05] <+Salicia> He didn't deservemercy
[22:05] <%Retsnoma> he would have died of loss of blood.
[22:05] * zenshu turns to see sal. "i'm sorry you saw that"
[22:06] <+Salicia> Don't be. I'm just glad it's over with.
[22:06] * Retsnoma holds up his hand the flesh cut deep "il need attending to."
[22:06] <+Salicia> And to think that we trusted him
[22:06] <zenshu> we all did. he was a good actor so don't beat yourself up ok
[22:07] * BluePhoenix walks back towards the cafe and gets some soda
[22:07] * Salicia nods
[22:07] <+Salicia> You should see a doctor
[22:07] <+Salicia> not sure if there's one available rightnow
[22:07] * zenshu offers to help sal up. "sure your okay?"
[22:08] * Salicia nods her head. She wasn't. She took zenshu's offered help anyway
[22:08] <+BluePhoenix> (took an hour and 40 minutes XD)
[22:09] * Sinjow peeks through hir fingers…
[22:09] * Salicia hugs zenshu and offers to help Retsnoma get to a doctor
[22:09] * Retsnoma clenches his paw a bit and growls softly
[22:09] * Salicia licks the wound a bit
[22:09] * Retsnoma pulls it back softly
[22:09] <%Retsnoma> il take care of it.
[22:09] * Salicia croons softly
[22:09] * zenshu looks to sinjow now "you look even worse than sal"
[22:10] <%Retsnoma> i might still have a nanokit on my ship.
[22:10] * Salicia nods
[22:10] * Salicia walks over to Sinjow. "You all right?" her stomache was still reeling
[22:10] * Retsnoma whipes his maw once more and spits upon the carpet walking out leaving a trail of blood drops.
[22:11] <%Retsnoma> il be back.
[22:11] <zenshu> looks like neither of you are all right
[22:11] * Salicia nods. "we'll just need some time."
[22:11] * Sinjow shakes hir head a little, "N-not okay…"
[22:11] <+Salicia> And someone's gonna have a heck of a time cleaning up that blood
[22:12] * Ariena has joined #Paradise_Station-OOC
[22:12] <+Salicia> aww Ariena, you missed such an exciting RP
[22:12] * Retsnoma takes the nearest lift to his ship.
[22:12] <zenshu> c'mon sinjow, lets just get some coffee and forget this nasty scene
[22:13] * Salicia slowly moves Sinjow to the cafe, careful to use a more circuitous route to avoid the first dead body
[22:13] * Sinjow goes along, shaking a little after the scene…
[22:14] <Ariena> I'm in a character planning phase atta mo.
[22:14] * Salicia orders some strong wine; they'd need it for sleeping later
[22:14] * Retsnoma finaly stumbles into his ship and drags himself into his medkit storage room.
[22:15] * Salicia drinks down the glass, but finds that it isn't enough and wants the whole bottle.
[22:15] * Retsnoma grabs a medkit and spreys the foam onto his torn fingers.
[22:15] * Salicia offers some to Sinjow and zenshu
[22:15] * Retsnoma sighs watching with a little bit of wonder as the nanites stitch his fingers back together.
[22:15] * BluePhoenix looks inquizitively at Salicia
[22:16] <+Salicia> You don' wanna know blue. You don't wanna know.
[22:16] * zenshu accepts realizing he is also shaken
[22:16] * Salicia gets two more bottles, one for Sinjow too
[22:16] * Retsnoma takes a quick shower, washing the blood from his fur.
[22:16] <zenshu> thanks for helping us earlier though
[22:16] * Salicia starts drinking it all down; she might have nightmares later
[22:16] * Retsnoma makes his way back to the cafe' wanting to grab a bite.
[22:17] * Retsnoma pokes his head into the cafe
[22:17] <%Retsnoma> hello?
[22:17] <zenshu> drinking will only dull the pain ya know
[22:17] * Salicia gets another bottle for Retsnoma. "wine?"
[22:17] <zenshu> hi
[22:17] * Retsnoma slips in
[22:17] <%Retsnoma> nah
[22:17] <%Retsnoma> il be fine, not the first time.
[22:17] <+Salicia> I'm just trying to forget this
[22:17] <+Salicia> not the first time you got involved with murder?
[22:17] * Sinjow shakily pours a glass… Sipping it slowly…
[22:18] <%Retsnoma> not the first time snaping someones neck to save myself.

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