Muyab Statistics:

(Also Statistics of the Ro empire)

Military: 10
Transport: 10
Medicinal: 10
Information Technologies: 11
Sustenance: 10
Diplomacy: 10

Mechanics: 11
Biologics: 1
Pionics: 10
Exotic Mater: 5

OOC: Note that the Muyab are quite rare outside the interior of the Ro Empire, i will not be accepting player character Muyab, they are strictly here for fluff reasons, however, your character is free to be a part of the Ro Empire.

Muyab overview:

The members of this proud race have embraced the machine, crafting exact mechanical replicas of themselves at birth, which they control via psionic coupling. It is widely known that both they and their mechanical doppleganger are sure to be excessively skilled with any sort of computational equipment. Some say that if separated from their mechanical twin, the Muyab would lose their very souls.

Muyab Appearance:

The Muyab appear to be slightly lengthier then a human being with slender arms and legs. Their skin has hundreds of thousands of small, sub millimeter pearlesant nodules embedded over the whole of their body. Each nodule is extremely sensitive to touch, light, and all sorts of electromagnetic fields.

Muyab 'native' communication

Muyab do not have distinct eyes or mouths and tend to comunicate through a complex language comprised of the manipulation of projected fields around their form and simple body language. Their printed language consists of both pigment based markings for 'traditional' language and permanent charges the Muyab can easily sense. The Ro language evolved from a non-native interpretation of the Muyab's visual language and is now accepted as the Empire's official language.

Muyab Society's development:

The Muyab live lives of exploration, curiosity, and discovery. They believe that the whole of a being's worth can be summarized by the knowledge one obtains. Scholarly pursuits have become a near religious infrastructure, some even classifying the abstract state of omniscience as a deity known as Suva. The race's obsession with knowledge lead to the quick mechanization of their society, quickly destroying subsistance farming and menial labor. The result of this artificialy quick shift in direction was a dramatic upwelling of crime, which in turn garnered response from the populous at large. This marked the first "emonova tefar" or waring era, the losses of the following decades were brutal, though the records of the event are impecable, no faction practicing any sort of logistical sabotage.

After the waring era the Muyab entered an age of reform, coming to the conclusion that their society must provide comparable sources of income for those no more skilled then the simple menial workers. After a few failed trials, a steady market demand for these individuals were found. In the pursuit of knowledge and experience, they would find their contribution to society as the frontmen for risky studies.

The compromise lead to a golden age in Muyab history, centuries of explosive development pushed their society to dizzying highs, getting closer and closer to reaching their physical limit and in such straining the newly formed 'vabila' (literally volunteer) class to their own limits in acceptance of danger.

Just prior to Faster then Light breakthroughs, the vabila class broke off again in a second warring era. This era only lasted a decade, after which the devastation of the Muyab society caused an abrupt and mutual cease fire. The eventual compromise was the pairing of the vabila class with the machines they had priorly been replaced with. Each vabila became an operator of an exact mechanical replica of themselves. This not only effectively doubled the workforce but allowed the vabila class to avoid the mortality of dangerous assignments while enjoying the experiences just the same.

Soon it was recognized that this way of the vabila was in fact the pure expression of their society's primal drive. Slowly these "ax-ab" units became a social norm, slowly intergrating into the culture to such propagation that those coming into the would would be first paired with the cogitation unit of their ax-ab before they were even born.

Shortly after their last cultural reform, the Muyab decided to start rigorous expansion, quickly colonizing nearby worlds and assimilating the native cultures in the name of the Ro empire.

Rise of the Ro Empire

The Muyab discovery of FTL put them in a new diplomatic frontier, and they where determined to spread their hard gotten truths and cultures. They quickly expanded through their stelar system and within the first century of their earnest efforts in FTL relations, they had spread far within their own galactic arm. Af the end of their third century of exploration the outskirts of their colonization efforts had encountered Humanity.

Humanity was the first significantly progressed civilization they had encountered. Af first they tried their old methods of conversion by rhetoric, and while they won a few converts Humanity as a whole did not seem receptive to their advances. After their brief first contact the Ro retreated back to their nearest colonized world and begun formulation with their Terran converts of basic diplomatic proceedings.

After this encounter the Ro empire acknowledged that the sovernty of significantly experienced races could be respected. The Ro empire then assembled its first diplomatic convoy to meet with the Terran Protectorate.

Modern Day Social structure

The life on a Ro world seems excessively hectic to an outsider. There is little in the way of 'rest' for the natives. Even in sleep some have learned to keep their ax-ab active, seeing the world as if in a lucid dream. The worlds seem to emphasize efficiency in domestic dwellings while favoring the artistic in public places. Their society is structured around the expectation that its members will seek out the experiences the world has to offer rather then spend their time in their dwellings.

There is a murky social divide between the earning classes. Those who have an excess of wealth tend to be the cultural "producers" their dwellings looking far more artistic, and if one can afford it one usually sponsors either some academic project or social project. They see themselves primarily as the facilitators of experience and it is noted that their wealth is a social reward for giving up the chance to experience in order to facilitate. This is not to say that this is the rule, but it does tend to hold for the upper middle class. Those with extravagant amounts of excess wealth tend to be the leaders of great expeditions, funding most of the cultural expansion of the Ro empire. The "Working class" finds itself in a true split life, one of their forms nearly always doing some sort of work while the other relaxes or jaunts off to great distances. It is not uncommon to find one of the Working Class working as an engineer on a luxury liner while he enjoys an exotic drink on deck with the captain.

The family structure of the Ro empire seems to follow a traditional 'human' arrangement, though their family lines tend to be much more meticulously documented and it is not uncommon for families to extend 20 generations while still maintaining good relationships.

Historic Cultural Taboo

The Muyab tradition of pairing their young with a robotic counterpart is part of their race's deep belief in the importance of experience. Their robotic counterpart both allows them to experience the world in twice as many ways as possible as well as record every experience for a mater of prosperity. When Muyab, or indeed any member of the Ro Empire die, their robotic counterpart performs a complex analysis of the psionic pattern of its lifelong controller, extruding a mechanical consciousness as well as producing a real of achievements it had collected over its organic life. In this way, the passing of a Muyab leads only to the end of their double life and the imortalization of all they had accomplished in their years of double lives leading to their own immortality, doubly wise as any their age could be, doubly prepared for the next adventure.

Because a Muyab is paired at birth, the loss of a mechanical replica means the loss of all of that development. An exampleian who loses their mechanical replier can not be assured their mechanical immortality. It is a grave loss that can cause a Muyab to live their life as if cursed.


In the Ro Empire, dueling is a socially acceptable method of dealing with maters of honor as long as the intricate rules of dueling, (specifically the "zopad ape malob zumo") are upheld. A duel may only be fought with a weapon from the "zobaf ape socuko pavabz", a government maintained inventory of weapons considered controlled enough to allow the winner of the duel to spare the fallen long enough for them to recite their 'zopad ap malob zumo' aloud before the final blow is struck. Even with this precaution, those going into a duel often leave their second with a full transcript of their final words and summation of their preferred future in case a fowl blow is struck.

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