New Issari

New Issari appears to be much like Earth, with three huge continent separated by the ocean, the diference being that in New Issari, the ocean's water is sweet, as in, it doesn't contain salt at all, however, that doesn't affect New Issari's wild life, and a rule posted by the House of Green Fields prohibits the entrance of any substance that didn't already exist in New Issari to prevent any distrub of the planet's wild life, tourism is prohibited, and few outside of the Issarian society are allowed to walk among the cities, let alone live.

Most of the Issarians structures are built over trees, with little usage of wooden materials, the mining operations in New Issari is also heavily supervised as to prevent any damage to the ecosystem, though through heavy research, they managed to find a cost efficient and nature friendly way to extract the minerals needed for their weapons and buildings.

New Issari however, is a result of a tragic past for the Issarians, their former world, known now as the Scorched Planet, is a testament to what happens when greed and pride clouds one's judgement.

Their former homeworld was nothing like New Issari, the planet was dying due to extensive use of hazardous material for their war machines, smoke and acid rain was a common occurance all throughout their old home as two warring factions fought for the supremacy, little caring for the sorry state their planet was in.

Amidst all the turmoil, a single Issarian began to defy the two warring factions, she began to convince the issarians that their world was doomed, that the planet was dying and it was too late to do anything to restore it anymore, not while the war continues, she began to gather forces to build what would be their salvation, the construction of the Light of Hope had begun.

The war became fiercer, as the resources upon the planet began to get exhausted, hunger and disease spread like wild fire throughout the entire planet, and more and more issarians began to flock around the construction of the Light of Hope, the two warring factions too busy fighting one another to even realise the construction of the space ship.

As the war that had raged for 10 years reached it's peak, Kaene Kaelis knew it was time to depart, gathering those who would follow her, she boarded the Light of Hope and departed from their old world, moments after her departure, Weapons of Mass Destruction had been launched by the two warring factions, ending with the death of the entire planet, now, nothing more than a black fiery rock floating in space.

Kaene was regarded as the hero who saved the Issarian race from certain doom, and a statue was built in her homage in the capital city of Kaelis in New Issari.

Despite all the technological outbreak that has happened since the Issarian Exodus, they are still unable to bring the Scorched Planet back to life, and to this day, it remains as a bitter memory of what the Issarians once were.

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