Night Kit Morrison

A vulpine like species who's fur closely resembles that of the common Cross Fox.
He stands at 5'11" His main hair line is a near black, and his only real eye (right) is hazel.
He hails from the Trinity System, his birth planet being Bishop.
He had grown to join the military, taking a position with the Marines, which has allowed him to see many different planets.
His history with the 221st Aeons has cost him his left arm and eye, later replaced with bionic replacements, finely tuned to help him with his tasks.
Though he may seem to be a bit of a loner, Night is not so much of an introvert to not attend any happy social gathering. Ever since parting from his father many years ago he has always enjoyed the company of others during his travels, a kind of relief from the constant loneliness.
His attitude is firm, and he tends to run into amateurish Ideas at time, trusting fate more then he should [thus resulting in the accident that took his arm and eye]. The risks he takes are sometimes necessary in his mind in order to get the job he was assigned accomplish or to help a fellow trooper. He has proven a capable marksmen.
In the end he can be a likable fellow, very quick to stand between his friends and trouble.
During his of times he can be found relaxing about the station, reading any imported novels or enjoying some calm music.

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