Name: Norn Silnov
Species: Anthromorphic Bat
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Sex: Female
Age: 22 Terran Standard
Rank: Protectorate Fleet First Lieutenant - Intelligence Division // Paradise Station resident Service Specialist

- Physical Details
Norn is a bat. The distinct profile of broad, towering ears says it all. Her fur is a uniform, ashen white, short enough to intimately display the angular lines that make up a sharply sculpted face. It's harshly offset by the black hair, trimmed per regulation above the shoulder, that frames her sharply drawn features; slender jaw to tapering muzzle to high cheekbones that frame ice-blue eyes in an ice-white face. Their natural expression seems one of cool intensity, one that mirrors her voice when she speaks - the archetypally serious image of an archetypal career soldier.

Norn is tall; tall in a groundside sense of "tall," one that never accustomed her to looking up in the old days. Genetic engineering has bred spacers in an astounding array of shapes, but on some level it still annoys her. She's built solidly for a girl, tall and lean and toned - her sleek pelt lies tight enough to her body to show the detail off intimately, at least, so much as her usual Navy dress uniform shows or in those rare moments anyone may catch her out of it. Drawn in sleek lines and shallow curves, she's slender on the very precarious brink of "boyish."

- Known Background
First Lieutenant Silnov grew up on a remote Protectorate world, in a rough neighborhood and as a rough character befitting it. She joined the military at an early age looking for opportunity that a backwater like hers didn't have to offer - the Marines were at least a ticket offworld. Command found her brighter than she gave herself credit for, and Intelligence took an early interest in her. They got along well.

The years that follow are fraught mostly with stories she isn't free to confirm or deny. Her newest post, however, finds her serving as a Protectorate delegate to Paradise Station.

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