Organized Crime (Bingion)

Within the established culture groups there is a subset of trouble makers. They hold a well regimented, highly organized secret sub culture. The reaches of this group penetrate most every culture group and even an extent into the Imperium.

Those within established culture groups who are found to be within a Crime organization are generally expelled, this holds especially true with the Academy. These expelled members are immediately demoted within the crime syndicates, but still kept on for one reason: they become known contacts to the syndicates.

Groups too small to know of the Academy often buy information from the crime syndicates, as it far easier to track down a contact to them then it is to learn of the Academy's network. However, the crime syndicates keep tabs on the smaller rebel groups and will often sell them out to the Imperium, making any business with the syndicates a double edged sword.

Beyond their information dealings the syndicates also have vast political connections within the planet with of the major five culture groups practically headed by the syndicate themselves, though secretly and indirectly. The Syndicates have mastered the field of group psychology and can lease the mentality of the population they control to any cause, for a price.

Their known crime structure is here: Crime Structure of Bingion.
Note that this may not be truly accurate, as it's derived from observation rather than experience.

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