Paradise Station

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History and Situation

General Information/Description

Paradise Station is a large space station owned and operated by Ganesa Irene Sullivan. Paradise Station was originally created with the intent of it being a lifeboat for the evacuations of Earth when it was learned that a major Faster Than Light accident had caused Sol (Earth sun) to start collapsing upon itself, approximately 13000 years (Earth) ago. It was abandoned for several millenia after Earth, Mars, and Venus were moved using technology given by the Telarians. It orbits a blue dwarf star and is a few sectors away from the closest habituated planet. The station is the size of a small planetoid, larger than Pluto by a significant margin. It is constructed using advanced techniques learned from the Telarians. It has Virtual Reality (VR) Rooms, to Machine Shops, to Robotics Labs, to just about anything else you could reasonably expect a station meant to support a population of millions to have, but currently has only a few thousand as immigration is not yet open. The AI of the station is not malignant, and it was installed by Ganesa when shi moved onto the station. It is actually an AI that has worked with Ganesa and hir family for a long time. The AI on the station is (currently) the best solution to malignant AI; it won't allow a malignant AI to take hold.


At several points in its history, it was partially refurbished, then later abandoned when whatever group was working on it at the time ran out of funding. The most recent refurbishment attempt was initiated by Sullivan Nanotechnology LTD, owned by Ganesa's father. That refurbishment brought it to an habitable level of repair. Repairs and staffing is still ongoing however.


It is mostly self-supporting, but is in need of more workers to mine the local asteroids for materials used for repairs and upgrades. Recently, with the help of Telarian miners and Retsnoma, it's starting to get more materials. There is little to no crime as there isn't much immigration yet. Doctors are always needed and fighters are welcome as there are occasional attacks on the station. Also needed are Scientists, Skilled Mechanics, Skilled Electricians, Maintenance Personnel, Machinists, and anyone with skills in almost any field of manufacturing. Not that other skills aren't needed, but these are the high demand ones.


Generally, the station harbors people/furs dissatisfied with life in the Protectorate or Terran Federation, and refugees from the Imperium and also a few Telarians who happened to have wanted to try something new. The station doesn't really have a set culture yet; mostly being a mishmash of those who wanted something new. If anything, the primary theme to the station's culture is entrepreneurship.

Military Capacity

The Fox Clan is currently using the station as their primary base. The numbers they have at the station varies. Further, there are three major military vessels stationed at the station: the Valkyrie, a Protectorate Heavy Dreadnaught, a Protectorate Carrier as yet unnamed, and the Dawn Ascendant, a Catheri Supernova class Heavy Dreadnaught. All three ships have a support fleet. The station itself is armed with weapons and shields and it is estimated that it could hold up against a large amount of enemies for approximately three days unassisted.


Currently, the enemies are the Imperium, a small fringe group that is, as of 13000 A.D. (After Destruction), unnamed, and the occasional pirates. The Imperium is mainly an enemy because the Station is allied with the Protectorate, Catheri, Telarians, and Terran Federation and the Imperium is at war with them. The war is about ideology mostly; the Imperium is xenophobic and views all non-humans as lesser creatures. I.e., they feel that it is the right of humanity to dominate the galaxy. The current war has been going on for many millenia, fluctuating between all out war, like it is currently, periods of relative calm, and most of the states in between.


The station is currently allied with the Protectorate and strongly allied with the Telarian Star Empire. It is also loosely allied with the Catheri and the Terran Federation. The fact that the station gets a large supply of its materials from the Protectorate right now gives them a fairly strong influence over the station. The Catheri don't care to have control, as it is far too distant from Catheri space to be of much use to them as is the case with the Terran Federation. The Telarians could have as much control as they wanted right now, with the amount of aid they have been giving, but they seem disinterested in controlling the station. The station is mostly run democratically, in the Swiss style; however, the majority of policy is currently determined by the AI, and is kept mostly to logical laws, no stealing, no murder, etc. On the station, there are factions, to a degree, the Telarains, the Fox Clan, and various Protectorate citizens'.

Finding your place

Generally, you need to have employment for permanent residency. Most of the characters on the station are permanent residents. Employment is usually whatever you want to do, as long as its beneficial to the station and its residents. If you're unsure of a job, here's a list: Jobs

Living on the station

Commercial Sector

This area includes all of the shops as well as the Cafè.
The Cafè information is here: The Cafè
Shops are described here: Shops

Living Quarters

Living quarters contain a bed, lamps, a desk with a computer, bathroom, and other necessities. All other decorations and objects are placed in at the discretion of the residents either for pleasure or another reason.

VR room

The Virtual reality room is truly state-of-the-art, and utilizes the best. The designers of the station didn't want the populace to become bored with life on the station.


What space station wouldn't be without a lab? Science is such a worthy endeavor, after all.


The station has a full time medical staff and modern medical equipment [RP modern]. We currently have Amber, Luna, Kumiko, Wioletta, Elisa, and a few others who are medical staff. The staff is courteous and friendly. Sometimes they are available for idle chatting when they're not busy, so don't be shy.

Economics in the Station

All the relevant information should be here: Economics

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