Plasma Blade

By 800 TSC plasma technology had become such a vital part of military weaponry that the weapons of last resort for a soldier, melee weapons to be precise, were engineered to take advantage of plasma energy. The weapons are available from hundreds of manufacturers across the galaxy in every shape and size that one could imagine. The most common style is a simple one-sided blade ranging from the size of a large dagger up to a medium length sword. More expensive designs offer the plasma blade on both edges of the weapon as well as an increase in blade length which is hard to achieve properly as the plasma blade requires very high tolerances for it to work. A few even more radical designs have come about as well, most of them custom and with very few users.

The principle that remains the same among all plasma blade weapons is that it comprises two high strength alloy blades that are separated from one another by a few millimeters. A powerful charge runs through each blade, one positive and one negative which generates a powerful arc to create the plasma. Magnetic coatings on the inside of the blade prevent the majority of heat from affecting them and also serve to focus the stream into a much denser form to improve the cutting power.

A key advantage is that even if the power to the weapon runs out it will retain a sharpened cutting edge of the blade itself and can still be used in combat to some limited extent. Plasma blades have become quite common but they remain a very expensive option when compared to other designs such as the resonance blade that has become the mainstay of melee weaponry.

(Based on medium-length plasma sword)
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: very high
Damage per hit: very high

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