Vega-Antares Research 300-RMP Plasma Rifle

Vega-Antares Research was among the first adopters of plasma technology and added considerable advancements to the design early on. Their ultimate show of innovation came with the advent of the 300-RMP platform which was developed specifically in response to criteria given by the Terran military. Clunky, rough, disgusting, and downright ugly, the 300-RMP has been described in many ways by its looks but one factor still remains and that is performance. Of all of the entries made to win the bid for purchase, nothing offered as much as VAR's design and at a cost the military cared for. Only their design was capable of filling every need, most importantly of which being simplicity for mass production.

In only a decade after its conception the 300-RMP had become the primary weapon of every single assault force in Terran space and variations of the weapon were developed soon after to further expand the role that it played in armed conflict. The dessert world of Leonis Kappa-C was the first deployment and through blinding sandstorms and searing heat that was unsurvivable without Class 4 envirosuits the weapon performed wondrously and without failure. In fact, nearly 800 years later a research student on this world was killed when he uncovered a 300-RMP from an archeological dig site and it suddenly discharged. Later examination showed that aside from the slow degradation of the energy cell's power output the rifle still passed every inspection and test that it was required too upon its initial construction.

While newer and better designs have come about in the past centuries and the replacement of this age-old design has left it out of the spotlight it is still a common sight around the Terran worlds. Security details of underfunded colonies rely on this weapon to for its sturdy and trustworthy design and merchant ships regularly use them for self defense to fight off the growing threat of raider attacks on shipping lanes. While decline of its use has begun it is unlikely that this masterpiece of design will fade completely for a very long time to come.

Despite numerous weapons with better range, or better damage, the ability of the VAR 300 to to withstand the worst conditions humanity has found out in the universe has made it one of, if not THE most popular weapon among Federation Civilian and Military Security organizations. The ability of the weapon to keep working, to never fail even under the worst circumstances, makes it a highly prized companion among many of the best trained Federation Security Forces.

Class: Infantry
Caliber: 17.5mm shaped plasma charge
Power Source: ME-110, ME-120
Capacity: Standard: 60 (ME-110), 90 (ME-120); Heavy: 40 (ME-110), 75 (ME-120)
Rate of Fire: 120 rpm
Max Range: 600m
Effective Range: 450m
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: high
Damage per round: high
Blast Radius: Standard: 20cm, Heavy: 25cm
Velocity: 120 m/s

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