Name: Raz‘Rushytul
Species: Anthro-Tiger (Siberian. Albino) Type: Ul`Medved-Khan
Homeworld: Farseed Planet #19 (Hurora).
Size: 9’9
Gender: I
Physical description: Raz‘Rushytul stood tall at a broad-shouldered, nuclear-emerald green eyed, svelte 9’9, and his build powerful and sleek, while the thick, silky, magnesium flare white pelt of the plantigrade, anthro-tiger gleamed brightly, was only marred by the occasionally rare, faintly visible, indigo stripe.

Physical Build: Beefy swimmer's build. Plantigrade.
Occupation(S): XC Engineer, Engineer, Military R&D.

Notes: Raz and his people are known for their Xenophase Crystal star-drives, the fuel of which can imbue them with limited psychic abilities (mostly passive telepathy and empathy), and also enables their ship to fold space. They are also known for their plant-based, Iceroot-ship construction processes. The created hulls being something they sell or trade for a mild profit. His people are staunch individualists with a strange tendency towards hard-line efficiency and pragmatism.

His home world is mostly frozen due to its unstable, eclectic rotation, with only a thin strip of tropical land at its equator suitable for farming. Consequently, most of the transplanted life forms have become accustomed to living a predatory life in frigid conditions.

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