Resolute Industries LR-264 Magnum Laser Rifle

Resolute Industries' first foray into laser weaponry was a huge success with their creation of the LR-264 in the year 1885 TSC. Designed from the start to surpass all expectations of what a laser weapon was capable of, it fulfilled that objective and then some and quickly made itself known as one of the most dangerous weapons around.

While most lasers focus on a design using a permanent lasing material as the source for a beam. This usually limits beam diameter to something around 15mm for a rifle-sized weapon. The LR-264 was the first weapon to break past this barrier by using a disposable shell containing the lasing material. After only a single shot the element would be fractured beyond use and quickly replaced with another round.

The lethality of the the LR-264 became apparent quite quickly though it came at great criticism at the wastefulness of a laser weapon using an ammunition-based system rather than just power cells. As production of the specialized ammo picked up too full speed it became clear that it was worth the added cost. In only 10 short years it was just as economical to use a LR-264 as it was to operate any other standard weapon in the Terran arsenal.

Class: Squad Designated Marksman or Sniper
Caliber: 26.4mm optical shell
Energy Source: ME-120
Capacity: 60 (shells), 120 (energy cell)
Beam Duration: 50ms
Recharge Time: 350ms
Effective Range: 3500m
Armor Penetration: high
Shield Penetration: medium
Damage per round: very high

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