Resolute Industries T3P-101 Plasma Rifle

Resolute Industries had once been on the cutting edge of all military designs up until the development of early plasma weaponry. The company was the forerunner is railgun designs and had made them the preferred weapon of every military across civilized space. They saw plasma weapons as a idle curiosity that would never amount to anything and even after the first successful commercialization and adoption of them by several former contractors, RI continued to ignore the situation until it was too late.

As of 2800 TSC, Resolute Industries had all but disappeared from mainstream weapons manufacturing. They survived for the most part by producing components for their rivals while trying to maintain interest in railgun weapons. Their break came in 3226 TSC when the development of personal shielding devices that could stop most plasma weapons were shown to have a weakness in against the all-but-vanquished kinetic weapons of millennia past. RI was the only foundation with access to railgun schematics and this put them in a renewed arms race that brought funding and life back to the company.

In an ironic twist of history their first major development was a brand new design of plasma rifle to replace the aging 300-RMP developed for the military at the time of the company's near destruction. The T3P-101 had features that every user would love. The design was fully customizable to fit its user and as a first for any weapon, it was designed with interchangeable parts to allow its operation by any race to which the weapon could be sold instead of intentional limiting towards Terrans. While this did not sit well with many governments knowing that their enemies could have access to the same weaponry it also guaranteed massive success for RI in that no one wanted to be left without the most advanced infantry weapon around in their arsenal.

Class: Infantry
Caliber: 20mm shaped plasma charge
Power Source: ME-150, ME-160, ME-200
Capacity: Standard: 40 (ME-150), 60 (ME-160), 100 (ME-200); Heavy: 30 (ME-150), 45 (ME-160), 75 (ME-200)
Rate of Fire: 100 rpm
Max Range: 800m
Effective Range: 500m
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: high
Damage per round: high
Blast Radius: Standard: 35cm, Heavy: 45cm
Velocity: 140 m/s

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