Resolute Industries TMPS-T "Tempest" Plasma Cannon

The need for heavier firepower to forces being deployed was starting to become more of an issue beginning in the years just before the Second Raider Incursion in the year 2851 TSC. Expecting light an unorganized raider forces that had been one of their defining characteristics from the start, Federation forces moved to secure the world of Harper 112 that had recently been taken over.

To the surprise of the Federation the raiders were far better prepared than anyone expected. Along with advanced weaponry matching and even exceeding the counter assault forced they pirates had managed to acquire four Ravager Class land dreadnoughts. Despite the ancient and long-forgotten design of these weapons the armor they sported proved to be impenetrable by conventional weapons. The Federation made a quick retreat and by the time stronger forces were able to arrive the raider unit had stripped the area of every piece of useful equipment. Resolute Industries saw an opportunity to further develop a design they had in planning stages and before the end of the conflict in 2877 there was a single TMPS-T carried by every platoon.

The TMPS-T, which stands for Thermobaric Modulated Plasma, Shaped-charge - Tritium fueled, is a frightening weapon and the devastating power it has means that its use in combat is tightly controlled. Each weapon is registered individually to its user and should one ever fall into the wrong hands it can be given a remote kill signal that overloads the power matrix and leaves a very expensive piece of scrap metal.

The design of the warhead is dual purpose. Upon impact with a target a focused blast of plasma energy can be directed forward. This level of destruction is a threat even to unshielded bunkers and up to frigate and destroyer class vessels if used en mass. The second firing mode detonates the round 15m off of the ground before impact. The resulting blast will incinerate personnel within 30m and fatalities out to 100m are possible as a result of the shockwave produced and the high winds continued outwards from that nearly a kilometer away which gave it the nickname "Tempest" by soldiers who had experienced its awesome power

Class: Heavy Weapons
Caliber: 100mm plasma shell
Ammunition: MPT 100mm shells in 2 or 4 round magazines
Max Range: 800m
Effective Range: 400m
Armor Penetration: Mode 1: Very High, Mode 2: Moderate
Shield Penetration: Mode 1: Extreme, Mode 2: High
Damage per round: Mode 1: Extreme, Mode 2: Extreme, declining with range from impact
Blast Radius: Mode 1: 10m, Mode 2: 100m

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