Name: Rhea
Age: 27 years
Species: Timber Wolf
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 7'11"
Weight: 280 lbs
Role: Paradise Station Security

Rhea has come from a long standing family of Protectorate enlisted members and it was only natural that shi took a similar path. Rhea started with hir training and education at a young age and has worked continuously to improve hir skills in every category. With education detailing across all core areas and a focus towards political science and technology. In hir later education for enrollment in the Protectorate shi went through officer training courses, advanced combat courses in both weaponry and melee combat, tactics to prepare for hir career.

The size of hir body is an added advantage in many situations that call for brute strength. Able to wield weapons that few others can without the use of heavy power assist suits or power armor is another advantage from this. Despite this size shi also has great agility and speed that is hard to match in combat situations. This gives Rhea an edge in combat situations that require a fast and powerful response. Shi is also one of the few who have ever taken up the use of a plasma chain whip as a secondary weapon. Shi is able to use this weapon with frightening devastation after years of practice and shi is very adept in hand to hand combat as well.

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