Rhea (Byakko)

Plasma Chain Whip

Based off an ancient weapon that used interlinked blades of steel, in total measuring roughly two meters in length, that could cut and slash at a target while keeping the users out of arms reach. More of a novelty than anything due to the extreme difficulty in their operation as well as the fact that extensive use would quickly wear out most people using it. An additional hazard comes from the risk of a person injuring their own body given the somewhat unpredictable nature of the chain whip at times

While the principle of the plasma chain whip is the same as it ever was, though it has been upgraded into something on a completely different level. Using a power cell to generate a plasma arc along the edge of each of the blades. The extreme heat of the plasma combined with the heavy mass of the chain itself means that it is capable of cutting through even heavy body armor. This level of power is completely unmatched in any other melee weapon for use in close quarters combat. The blades themselves are very sharp and are a threat even if power is not supplied to the whip.

The plasma chain whip can remain active for upwards of 2 hours using a standard ME-9 energy cell. Use of the weapon is restricted due to its hazardous nature and authorization for its use must be given only after one has proven they have the strength and finesse to use it properly.

Energy Source: ME-9
Capacity: 2 hours
Range: 2m
Armor Penetration: very high
Shield Penetration: high
Damage: extreme

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