Ro Counter Culture

In the Ro empire, deviation and social experimentation has been on the upswing in the minor outlaying colonies. The kinds of deviation range from alternatively governed settlements to those whom only wear the color blue, though the most noticeable example are those whom deviate from the traditional roles of ax-ab conduct.

Those whom eldulge in the ideas and practice of ax-ab modding tend to be non-Muyab converts or those only in lose contact with the Empire. The presence and utilization of ax-ab 'enhancements' are largely viewed in the same way as the body modification subculture of early humanity. Ax-ab enhancements can range from simple sensory swap outs to fully repurposing an ax-ab as a war machine. the more drastic the change the more it is frowned upon by the norm.

Within the Modding culture there are those who do discrete modifications, such as higher resolution optics and multitask units, and those who openly flaunt their modifications, such as adding overly mechanical arms or specialty tools and ultra-powerful sensors. The farthest extremes of the Ro modding scene are known as 'ultimates'. They are a loose collective on an outlying moon of the Ro colony world of Teilk whom have all but rejected the notion at the ax-ab is a personal symbol. Their ax-abs follow an exact specification updated once a generation with the only identifying marks being the serial authorization symbols engraved onto their frames. The ultimates value only the efficiency of the body they will one day inhabit. Most identify as neuters.

Beyond those who augment their ax-ab there are those who modify aspects such as physical appearance, taking on the forms of other species or genders. These people see the ax-ab as a chance to express who they are inside and feel that the modifications bring their units closer to reflecting their true selves. There are even those who, after their deaths, had this kind of re-shelling done simply to know how it felt to switch gender or racial identities. This process is relatively easy to perform and is perhaps the second most common type of after market change to an ab-ax unit behind network integration. Still, in some of the colonies this practice is frowned upon as it is seen as distorting the sanctity of truth, which is held sacred in the Ro Empire

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