Ro Empire


The Ro Empire is a relatively new faction in the vicinity of Protectorate space, they have only recently attempted proper diplomatic courting of the local ruling bodies and it has been debated weither or not they truly wish to join in mutual benefit or if they simply wish to assimilate these new cultures into their own.

The Ro Empire is governed by 'divinely' appointed 'vessels of truth'. To outsiders this choice may seem random, though within the Empire it is understood to be those whom have significantly added to the pool of knowledge for their local areas. Often these appointed governors decide to pass their rule to other delegates so that their own quests of knowledge remain unhindered.

The supreme power of the Ro Empire emanates from the current Emperoress Fluessia Celvecam of the Muyab homeworld. Emperoress Fluessia has been one of the more accepting Imperial leaders of the last millennium and under her leadership the Ro Empire has come to abolish quite a few of its more archaic practices in favor of those more resembling a republic, specifically establishing a method of civilian reviewal for their appointed or delegated local authority, though this framework holds no power other then bringing the Empire's attention on poorly performing worlds.

The Ro Empire has a rather stratified caste system. Those not of the Muyab race do not have guaranteed citizenship, instead they may find themselves a slave of the empire or a 'favored' guest. These two castes are more rare in colonization efforts, where the empire actively recrutes other races and are more prominent in the regions of the Ro Empire still unexplored by the protectorate. As thus rumors of these lower castes have trickled down from rare sightings of debt slaves or stories of the heroic conquests of 'favored' that earned them their place in the empire.

Key Political Points

The Ro Empire is an Empire.
The Ro Empire has not abolished debt slavery but has rules in place protecting the rights of slaves.
The Ro Empire still uses capital punishment.
The Ro Empire has a commonly accepted code of honor and rewards acts of courage with imperial favor.
The Ro Empire is generally against the use of weapons of mass destruction, but will refuse to cease R&D into the fields.
The Ro Empire seems receptive to the ideas of other cultures, though firm in its stances when challenged.
The Ro Empire has rules governing dueling but has never bared it as a method of conflict resolve.
The Ro Empire has a mandatory four year military service for all of its citizen body.
The Ro Empire will pay a slave's life debt in exchange for a determined number of years of military service.

The 'Zufol Vogub' controversy

As standard practice in Ro culture part of the oath of any Ro Empire's office the holder is officially barred from defection from the Empire on pain of death. This is seen as very backwards thinking in some circles and even criminal in others. The Ro empire has given no official response to these criticisms.

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