Ro Psi-Phy Weapon Systems

The Ro Empire's De facto weapon system is a hybridization of kinetic and directed force weapons technology. At their most basic level they are high energy mass accelerators with an odd ultra high density composite polymer matrix slug as their base ammunition.

As the slug accelerates it projects a weak kind of kinetic field which acts as an extension of consciousness as well as creating a partial vacuum around the slug in atmosphere and providing some small ability for redirection in flight. In an atmosphereless environment the kinetic field does little more then allow the user increasingly intuitive shots.

When certain slugs reach their cognitive target they may be subconsciously triggered. Common actions for civilian issue ammunition are "ensnare" "discharge" "expand" "sandbag" or "splatter", the latter used mainly for warning shots. In military circles additional actions may include "Detonate" "Shred" and the rare "Desolve", the later seen only in highly clandestine operations.

The Ro Psi-Phy weapon systems are meant for sporting, anti-personel and defensive use and are currently the only weapons technology the Empire has allowed the common Protectorate citizen to utilize.

For a non member of the empire a Psi-Phy weapon requires a small neural analyzer either in the form of an implant or a stand alone divice as well as some general training as to how to "think like a Ro". Typicly the training to use Ro weaponry takes three months for outsiders to reach acceptable levels of proficiency

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