Rules of the Game

The OOC rules of Paradise Station.

These Rules need only be referenced when an combat/argument needs resolution. Unless there is a GM run event, most of these rules need not apply.

  • The repeat of any violation is subject to a steadily increased punishment, up to permanent banning.

Rule 0: The GMs reserve the right to change, annul, and violate as many rules as they wish.

Arguing with the GM should never be done durring an active session and is grounds for a temporary ban. If you have any complaints or ideas, please wait until after the session to start a discussion.

Posting order Guidelines: Turns will be taken in an Action-Response model.

In order to avoid confusion and speed up posting:

  • If more then one person is involved, a post order will be established either by the players or the GM.
  • Once a player ends their action, they should post (i end my action) or simply <end> at the end of their response or action.
  • When the "Idle rule" is in effect any player that wishes to respond to an action made by another player should post a single "." to indicate they are typing a response. (this will allow easier skipping of AFKers that forget to declare AFK.)

RP Player Conflict Resolution

  • Do not remove the ability of your opponent to act. a.k.a: No Godmoding (e.g. "I stab you" is not allowed. "I stab at you" is.)
  • If at all possible, the players should come to a conclusion. This conclusion can be made prior to the event or durring.
  • If the players can not come up with a conclusion, any of them may ask for a GM ruling.
  • If the players can not come up with a conclusion and wish for a compromise, both are to submit their goals to the GM and the GM will make an appropriate compromise.
  • All GM rulings are final.

RP Player vs Environment Resolution

  • All Godmodders will be insta-killed by space bunnies, no exceptions.
  • All players should attempt to allow other players to be useful. The GMs will generally make the fights last long enough, but trying to undermine a character's efforts for no IC reason will be frowned upon.
  • Any passive "Magical" (In the setting Psionic) effects must be made known to the GM. I.E. "I have a necklace that makes it 75% less likely for me to be bludgeoned to death by seafood"
  • Any active massive effect must be made known to the GM and be must approved before the post. I.E. "next round i will summon a demon from hell to smite the non-believers."
  • While it is not necessary, it may be a good idea to keep a list of all the things your character has available to him or her. This is to prevent any major puzzles being insta-solved because your character just happens to have the exact item for the job.
  • The GM has the right to at any time ask for a list of items currently available to your character.
  • The GM can un-make reality itself if it helps further plot.

OOC Conflict Resolution

  • If at any point a personal OOC conflict holds up or prevents RP from progressing the players will receive a GM warning. Ignoring this warning constitutes a 10 minet ban for either offending party. (this includes a "hahaha" or other direct remark after the other party gets kicked. Kicking means drop it. Period.)
    • GM note: Because of the Wall-o-text arguments that are so prevalent on IRC, warnings should be issued as "Warning:" or "Drop it" and then followed up by a post of "the next one to post gets banned." This gives those furious and frustrated players the chance to look up note the warning if they are in the middle of a particularly impassioned paragraph on how mushrooms are the best fungi ever.
    • Player note: Notice I said should, not will. Your ass's mileage may vary. (Also rule 0)
  • If you feel an OOC conflict is degrading your experience in the Roleplay, report the offender to the GM in privet. The GM will give a warning to the relevant parties that an anonymous other player feels their actions are inappropriate.
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