Dragon /Anthro-Dragon Hybrid


8 feet tall, 15 feet from snout to tail-tip.

Physical description

Salicia is a female anthro/non-anthro draconic hybrid living on a planet named Areus. She is normally bipedal, but she can adopt a feral stance and go quadrupedal. Her head is roughly triangular in shape, with two medium-sized, charcoal gray horns on her head. These horns start at a diameter of 4 inches and taper slowly to a point about a foot from her head. They are almost vertical, but curve slightly towards the bulk of her body. She has a row of sharp teeth, clean and always willing to crunch some bones. Her eyes are golden in color and have a third eyelid that removes the need for blinking, somewhat like a reptile. (But that doesn’t mean she can’t blink if she wanted to.) Her snout is rounded and not very long. Her neck is about a foot long.

She sports something like Stegosaurus spikes along her back, but they aren't very large or particularly sharp. These spikes are about an inch tall and merge at the base of her spine and back, making a small, frilled, fin-like structure. The “fin” is barely visible and is a mixture of silver and blue, the upper tip being electric blue while the base is silver. She does have breasts which can lactate. She has 2 forepaws, each of which has an opposable claw and 3 other claws. She has flawless scale formation and overlay. Her tail is about half her total length and is very dexterous for such an appendage.

Her scales are silver in color and shade to electric blue at the fringes of each individual scale and the blue gradually gets darker as you approach her tail. Her wing scales shade to a light crimson. The wings are thin and her veins work their way through them in a spiderweb fashion. Her tail shades from the silver and dark electric blue of her body to silver and black, with the scales at the tip being pure black. Her scales have a sort of metallic sheen to it.

She is slim in build with mostly muscles which are hard to see under her scales and weighs only 273 pounds. She is 8 feet tall and 15 feet long from her snout to the tip of her tail. Her wings are fairly large, 11 feet long each for a total wingspan (with body width) of 24.5 feet. Her scales give off a very faint, and almost reminiscent scent of lavender.

Salicia is a total of 126 Earth years old, still relatively young for a dragon as they can live for millennia. She can breathe flames upon adversaries, but has rarely seen the need to do so. Her elemental affinity is fire and is immune to it, but is nevertheless resistant to all other elements. She is always clean and well-groomed. She enjoys a good massage at her wings anytime. She is unmated and not really looking; she has plenty of time to find one if she wanted to. She has good memory even if she does forget things sometimes. She is naturally smart and has great mental acuity. She is a veteran at flying space missions, given that she’s been doing so for decades already. She has no known traces of magic if you count out her elemental affinity and dragon's fire, but those are innate. She doesn't wear clothes, as it's an unnecessary hassle.

Note: The horns do not count to her overall height.


She eats only meat, preferably larger animals. Predator species are always game when it comes to a dragon. She likes wild berries for some reason that she could never understand. She DOES prefer that said berries be either sweet or sour, but not both. She also has something for pies and cakes, preferably key lime or apple for the former and chocolate for the latter. She has always wanted something from the restaurant at the end of the universe, but can't seem to find it as it's always at the other end of the universe from where she is.


She is upbeat, perky, and sometimes a little eccentric. She enjoys any and all snuggles, hugs, kisses, etc. She loves nature very much, and is often seen taking walks through forests, glades, etc. She will defend her territory against intrusion. Other than that, she is highly defensive of those she considers to be her friends and will go to the ends of the universe for them. (Or somesuch like that.)


She flies a space fighter which is called Destiny. It's small and very fast. The speed works for both offense and defensive battle. She fights rather tactically, but is more defensive than she should be. Her ship's arsenal contains two light and two medium particle beams, missiles, (EM-Tracking as well as guided, of course.), defensive perimeter warning systems, a shield, and some other strange things. Destiny has light armor, made specifically for maximum defense without compromising speed. Salicia generally uses Destiny for recon and exploration, but its speed and maneuverability allow it to be a fearsome opponent against most enemy ship types.


She is the child of two dragons. Her mother, named Dravina, was a frost-colored maiden with a loving demeanor. Salicia would sometimes recall the time she spent with her mother in a nearby meadow just rolling in the grass and flowers. To this day, she still loves the smell of crushed saffron. Her father, named Sargon, was pure white. He loved his mate and daughter so very much and was quite indulgent in them. From their mating, Salicia got her silvery scale color, which seemed to suit her very well. Her childhood was mostly innocent, but she soon fell in with the wrong crowd. This eventually led her to joining the Bingion organized crime. She made a few enemies during her time, but also quite a few contacts as well. She mostly collected information, trading it for money. She was never known to be in the crime faction. Her goal in this was to get enough money to perfect her ship. Her handle was "Shadow," named so due to her skill at gaining information. After years of doing this, she discovered that it was too stressful and was getting boring. She is currently retired from her previous life's pursuits. She's aware that there are academy characters on the station who would love to catch her, so she is careful. Of course, she still keeps minimal contact with her "friends," especially her fence, Laisa, who helped her sell information to the payees as well as to get her parts for her ship; always at the leading edge of tech, of course. Occasionally, she still gets parts for her ship for further upgrades from her fence despite being retired. She isn't close to a lot of furs, as being close to someone usually meant putting them in danger.

Home World

Float left

Salicia's home is the aforementioned Areus. So far, she's the only one who has expressed any interest in the planet. Using funds saved up from her days of crime, she has purchased rights to the planet, making her the sole protector and inhabitant of Areus. It's lush and verdant, has plenty of strange "game" (but edible and rather tasty) and has lovely views. She has claimed a glade in the remote world. The actual area is situated on a mountainside and has a wonderful waterfall as well as a cozy cave behind it. There is good lighting in the surrounding forest and the animals aren't very shy of her. The cave is one of a series of caves, with two more entrances, one about 1000 yards away, and one that was on the other side of the mountain. The cave was actually part of an entire network of caves in the mountain. Light is provided by dragon flame along all the caves and the paths between the caves. (Those took a lot of work) Luckily, the flames wouldn't go out for a long time. Food is easy to get and isn't cooked unless there is a guest over who would like their food cooked. Recreation is either being out in nature or relaxing in her hot springs.


Her bedroom consisted of a depression a few feet deep, with all her pillows and blankets thrown in there. It's really springy too. She enjoys spending time bouncing on the pillows. As for bedroom height, it's about 30 feet high, which should be more than enough for any of her guests.


The lounge is a wide, high, and spacious cavern with two exits, one that led to the first and last entrance and one that led outside after about a dozen yards. It mostly served for entertaining guests. It had a high, vaulted ceiling with adequate lighting. There was some art on the ceiling from a commission she had gotten from a human artist. There were also couches, sofas, and chairs of all sizes as well as tables and a small minifridge in the corner.

"Fridge" caves

These particular caves are strangely cold and are about 10 feet below the waterline. It is pretty much below the river that feeds the waterfall. Salicia has no idea why it's so cold in this particular area, but she doesn't really care anyway. She uses some to store food (none of which ever seems to get freezerburn) and also snacks of all assorted varieties.


Salicia is an avid reader (being that she doesn't actually have much to do when off work) and so keeps a large library. She had the room magically enchanted so that none of the books would see time erode at them as she liked them to be in pristine shape when she was reading. There are books on all subjects here. (and all times too) Salicia tries to be knowledgeable in as much as she can learn about. Of course, that includes magic, even if she doesn't have any herself.

Collection rooms

These rooms store whatever else that Salicia happens to collect, such as seashells and interesting piece of rock.

Treasure Caves

Like any dragon, she loves having treasure around. In fact, she's stockpiled enough to fill about 8 caves worth of gold, gems, and other valuables. Of course, she has taken security measures: lasers, traps, machine guns, etc. And herself, of course. Best deterrent to theft was the threat of being eaten. :3 Of course, no one knows of her cache as no one visits and she tells noone. Of course, if she ever gets any guests, then secrecy will come first. Even if she has to threaten them with being swallowed.

Hot Springs!

Who doesn't love them? Luckily, she has her own springs deep in the network of caves. She enjoys spending time in the hot water; it's really relaxing. The waters are warm and generally calm. There is a bit of a sulfur smell to the spring, but it's not in any way strong.

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