There is an assortment of shops sporting all the goods that a resident could possibly ever want. There are also designer shops available. Shopping is currently curtailed due to the low population, but it is expected that business will be booming when the station starts mass immigrating.
The types of shops:


Although some characters do not wear clothing, there will always be those who don't feel that being nude is very tasteful. Therefore, there are shops that sell clothing. There is clothing for each race (as you certainly can't expect a tail to fit inside pants made for a race that doesn't have one).

  • One noted shop is the Lingerie shop owned by cerine


Everyone has different tastes and foods that they like. And this station is prepared to satisfy! While there are the more main stream fast food type restaurants, most are specialized restaurants. For example, there is a Telarian restaurant that caters mostly to the clans, but also for the general public if they want something exotic.

Food Markets

There are characters that prefer to cook their own food, given that it is cheaper and they could cook to their own tastes. Therefore, it makes sense that there are places to buy the ingredients for cooking.


A bare room saps the soul. Furniture makes living a lot easier and more cozy. There are also other types of decoration that can be purchased at the shops

Misc. Goods

Pretty much everything else you need, really.

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