Site Info and FAQ

This is the Paradise Station Freeform Roleplay information sharing Wiki. All information here pertains solely to the Paradise Station Freeform Roleplay. All Materials on this page are copyright their respective creators.

Q: What is the purpose of this wiki?
A: This wiki is to provide a consolidated reference for the setting of Paradise station

Q: Is all the information on this wiki common knowledge in the setting?
A: No. The information presented in the wiki represents the collective setting, including the obscure or vastly unknown facts. It should not be assumed that your character has access to the information presented in this wiki at any given time unless the information would be reasonably available (like the details of a well known race)

Q: Am I allowed to copy/play x/y?
A: There is really nothing stoping you, though it is polite to ask the creator and in some cases being an ass will get you kicked from the RP.

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