The Stormwolf is a custom vessel designed by and partly crafted by Vestara.

It is designed as a cargo ship along with ability to carry marines or other assault teams, and does have considerable firepower and engine power for a vessel of her size.

Designed from images found in an old private file on a private computer system on the station Vestara decided to fiddle around with it and proceeded to modify it, then asking a few of the engineers for help, along with the station’s AI she got the ship built slowly, and somewhat secretly from Aislinn.

The craft has a small sickbay with the best technology that the station has, along with advanced nano-armour that can self-repair areas under attack to around 50% of it’s previous strength.

The main cargo hold has a forwards opening, along with 2 side hatches, as well as a rear cargo bay that is often used as a vehicle bay, the main cargo hold can be repurposed to be a fighter launch system if required.
Between the two cargo bays is the main power and engine systems, along with fuel tanks.

Above the main cargo bay is the main crew deck with bunk quarters for marines, as well as larger quarters for the main ships crew, at the front of this is a forwards CIC down a stairs at the front ramp, above that is the forwards piloting station, towards the back of this is the medical bay as well as the 2 armouries.

The third level, at the back, has the main CIC and piloting station, along with the primary avionics systems.

The conning tower on top is full of avionics as well as sensor systems.

The weapons on the vessel are some of the latest phased pulse cannon turrets, mounted in dual mounts, mostly designed as anti-fighter and projectile systems rather than capital ship to capital ship weapons.

The Engines on the vessel are a combination of air-breathing and space, thus allowing easier transitioning between atmospheric flight and space flight, something that most modern ships of this size has problems with.

- Length - 210 meters
- Width - 90 meters
- Height - 71 meters
- Decks - 3 inhabited, 1 uninhibited

This vessel was inspired greatly by the GDI Orca Command Vessel from Command and Conquer 2: Tiberian Sun -

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