Name: Syphon Reinhardt
Age: 27 Earth Years
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 187lbs
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Cheetah
Birthplace (City, Planet, System): New Berlin, New Deutschland, Rheinland
Body type: Athletic, toned
Distinguishing features: Entire left arm and left eye are cybernetic replacements, series of scars along his left side from the knee to the torso resembling jagged tiger stripes.
Personality: Jaded, sarcastic, cynical.
Rank on station: Department Head, Council Member.
Role on station: Head of Defensive Technologies


Born on the planet of New Deutschland, a mostly-desert planet with a few sparse pockets of civilization, he lived a fairly normal childhood for a Federation citizen. Few options were open to him given where he was born, so he followed the path every Federation citizen must through the various levels of education. Once he finished the required university tract, he signed on with the Federation military to fulfill his required government service. He showed enormous potential during his training for weapons development and was subsequently recruited by the research arm of the Federation, known simply as Excalibur. He quickly rose through the ranks as he made several remarkable breakthroughs in the fields of energy weapons and fusion drives. After the development of the guided pulse cannon, he was given the opportunity to start his own project. This was to be the greatest thing he had ever done, but it proved to be the most disastrous event in his life.

Given unlimited resources to work on his project, Syphon set about to develop what he thought would be his masterpiece, an anti-matter bomb. He envisioned his project would have a huge impact, much like the nuclear bomb revolutionized the 20th century. Work was going amazingly well and the project was on schedule for a historic day, the first test of an anti-matter device. It was a historic day indeed, but not in the way he hoped. The test went horribly wrong and quickly got out of control and eradicated the test facility and the accompanying reactor complex, resulting a massive explosion that decimated the colony of Ruiz. The total number of deaths has never been confirmed, but official estimates put the toll at 248,372. While he managed to survive, he was severely injured and lost his left eye and arm and has several scars on his left side.

After an extensive investigation, Federation officials would determine that while it was his project, Syphon was not at fault, that it was the work of an extremist organization that caused the Ruiz Incident. Finding no solace in this, Syphon fell from his former glory and went into a deep depression, blaming himself for the deaths. On the three-year anniversary of the Ruiz Incident, he was approached by a representative of Sullivan Interplanetary with a job offer and a new identity, complete with a replacement arm and eye. Even he's not sure why he accepted the offer, but after a public announcement of his old life's suicide he was committed to the new life on Paradise Station as head of Defensive Technologies.

He's taken to his new life as best he can, but still seems incredibly withdrawn and cold, and has formed very few relationships with the other crew members. He grew to dislike the military that produced him, watching more and more horrible weapons being devloped, and shows a complete lack of respect for rank and protocol, refusing to salute or even acknowledge any rank. When not on-duty, he can usually be found in one of the bars attempting to drown his memories or in his quarters in complete silence and total darkness, though he doesn't sleep well at nights anymore.

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