Telarians are like anthro dragons. They each belong to a clan who specialize in a specific area (but there are characters that don't stay with the mainstream). The Telarian clans did not Evolve. They were created by the True Telarians. The clans average in lifespan between 4500 and 6000 years. They become mature at around 100-150 years of age. Telarian maturity is mainly mentally based rather than age however.

List of Clans (for now)


Appearance: Red to Redish-Orange in coloration, Average height, 9'
Specials capabilities: High body temperature, resistant to fire, can produce pyroreactive chemicals for limited ability to breath fire.
Specialization: General Military, Hard labor


Appearance: Light Blue to White
Special capabilities: Resistant to cold, can produce cryoreactive chemicals for limited freezing breath.
Specialization: Military Strategy, Military and Civilian Logistics


Appearance: Dark Purple to Black.
Special capabilities: they can exhale a compound that acts as a truth serum. Its effects are closest to Sodium_Pentothal.
Specialization: Special Operations, Investigations. Spies and counterspies from this clan are commonplace.


Appearance: Various Metallic Hues.
Special capabilities: Resistant to electricity, they can build up and discharge an electricity like an eel. They also have a set of Gills under their arms that allow the Cassidae clan to be amphibious.
Specialization: Technology design and technological pursuits like: Cybernetics, robotics, AI design, Shipbuilding, etc.


Appearance: Deep purple to a dark blue in coloration, with silvery speckles and spots over their scales
Special capabilities: They can exhale a chemical compound that acts as a soporific on most oxygen breathing species (sleep agent)
Specialization: Astrophysics, Hyper-spatial Physics, and Astronomy. Their most common roles are as Astrogators and Jump Drive Technicians


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