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Basic Info: Teraunce "terry" Foaloke is a human/dragon hybrid. what little is known of him is he came from a very low-tech world when he was captured by slavers because of what he is, leading him to be very afraid to the point of lying to other hybrids about what he is as he masquerades as a human. What little other info that is known about him is that he has a magic sword, can cast some basic magic, and is able to transform himself somehow into a human and back at will.

Age: young adult?

Skin color: a tanned color

Hair color: silvery-white

scale color: silvery-white

eye color: brown


  1. known equipment:
  2. longSword, Unknown Magical
  3. Longbow & arrows
  4. Dragon's fern
  5. gold
  6. gold ring

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