If cruisers and battleships are the hammer of the Terran military, then carriers are by far a scalpel. Used mainly within Protectorate fleets instead of Federation ones, these ships can deliver strike craft directly to the front lines of combat. Most carriers have a powerful defensive arsenal meant to protect the ship from other strike craft, and at most deter a frigate or two from engaging it. The main power of these ships relies entirely in the strike craft that they carry into combat. Of all of the front line ships, carriers hold the largest crews, mainly large numbers of mechanics to keep the fighters in working order and the pilots who fly them.

One thing common to all carriers as well is that they are more than just mere landing bays. The entire core of the ship is made of microfabrication facilities that work constantly to replace spent and damaged components of their craft. Carriers also serve as the primary medical facility of any fleet. Their medical bays are state of the art and being aboard a carrier always sets one's mind at ease when it comes to health-related issues as one will never be sick or injured for very long.

In comparison to a home base, carriers do not have an extensive range that they can blanket with constant fighter surveys to make sure their sector is clear. Instead, only interceptors and the occasional multirole fighter are used to scout the regions that lie ahead of the ship. Carries are often times the core of a fleet of their own sent on specific missions deep in space away from any support. The largest carriers can even keep an entire fleet going for over a year just on their very own. This has given the carrier fleets of the Terrans a reputation for being very tenacious even when they are isolated from allied support.

Paradise Station Carrier Fleet

Nyx Class Light Carrier

The Nyx is the smallest of the carriers used by the Terran military but it is still a very potent tool in combat. Able to support two full fighter wings and the necessary supplies and maintenance staff and equipment, these ships can bring a surprising level of support to any fleet. The true power of the Nyx lies entirely in its supporting craft which is why it is sometimes seen that captains will occasionally put their ship in direct combat in order to fend off an overwhelming attack just long enough for the fighters to dock and the carrier to make an FTL jump out of harm's reach.

Fleet Name Carrier Name
Valkyrie Repentance
Juggernaut Archangel
Vagrant Radiant
Speed Rating: 4
Turn Rating: 4
Armor Rating: 7
Shield Rating: 7
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (front x4, top x2, bottom x2, rear x4)
  • 4x Medium Assault Railgun Turrents (left side x1. right side x1)
  • 2x Medium Assault Plasma Cannon Turrets (left side x2, right side x2)
  • 2 Fighter Wings

Aether Class Support Carrier

The Aether support carrier is designed not only to deliver a payload of fighters into a battle zone but to assist them directly as well. Mounting weapons that are far heavier than any of the other vessels of its class, they are capable of directly engaging capital class ships provided that their fighters are supporting in the effort. This also has the advantage of creating a ship that is often assumed to virtually defenseless against larger ships and it has turned out to be a costly mistake for enemies several times.

Fleet Name Carrier Name
Eternity Maelstrom Trinity
Speed Rating: 3
Turn Rating: 3
Armor Rating: 8
Shield Rating: 8
  • 4x Heavy Assault Railguns
  • 4x Heavy Assault Plasma Cannons
  • 2x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (front x2, top x2, bottom x1, rear x1)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (left side x4, right side x4, rear x4)
  • 3x Torpedo Launcher Turret (top x1, bottom x1)
  • 2 Fighter Wings

Gaea Class Supercarrier

Serving as the flagship for all Protectorate forces in a sector is the Gaea class Supercarrier. These vessels are enormous and capable of sustaining a major fleet operation for close to two years. The ships are commanded by the finest staff and personnel and they are currently the largest combat ship within the Terran military. These carriers are so massive that they rely almost exclusively on FTL drives to move them from point to point as the main engines are only able to push the ship at a snail's pace.

Valkyrie Fleet Number of ships
Cruisers 1
Destroyers 4
Carriers 2
Frigates 30
Speed Rating: 1-
Turn Rating: 1-
Armor Rating: 10
Shield Rating: 10
  • 1x Heavy Assault Railgun Turrets (front x1, top x1, bottom x1, rear x1)
  • 1x Ion Beam Turret (top x1, bottom x1)
  • 2x Medium Assault Plasma Cannon Turrets (left side x3, right side x3)
  • 4x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (front x2, top x4, bottom x4, left side x2, right side x2, rear x2)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse laser Turrets (top x4, bottom x4, left side x4, right side x4, rear x4)
  • 4x Torpedo Launcher turrets (front x1, rear x1)
  • 16x Anti-Fighter Missile Turrets (top x1, bottom x1)
  • 4 Fighter Wings
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