Supercapital Ships

Even if the main attacking force of the Terran military is the mix of fighters, corvettes and frigates, it sometimes comes down to the supercapital ships to be the final say in a conflict. Destroyers, cruisers and battleships make up this supreme level of power and they are the the pinnacle of combat evolution and power. The crews of these ships are the best that the Terran military has to offer and they are a symbol of pride to any fleet action. Not only are the crews aboard these ships proud of their role but the sight of these vessels is able to inspire a level of inspiration in all of the other ships near it.

Destroyers are small but vicious in comparison to the other ships. This is due to the fact that they do not carry provisions for a full tour of duty but must be restocked with supplies every two months while a cruiser is capable of sustaining itself as well as support ships for the full 9 months on duty. Because of this they can maintain higher survivability in combat compared to the larger cruisers.

Supercapital ships never dock unless it is for major repairs. Crews and supplies are transferred to and from the ships via shuttles. Even when at a port allowing a crew its shore leave, the ship crew is rotated off one shift at a time for 5 days of time to do as they please (more or less is given as reward or punishment). During this time the remaining shift are forced to work 16 hours in a spread out rotation. It should be noted that shore leave can be canceled at any given time and crews are allotted at most 2 hours to be back on board less they are left behind. While everyone on a supercapital ship is important, they are also replaceable.

Paradise Station Supercapital Fleet

Iapetos Class Destroyer

Operating in wolf packs of four ships, the Iapetos is possibly the most lethal killing unit of other capital ships in the Terran arsenal. They have a swiftness to them that is unimaginable in combat and the coordination they display in taking down a target is known far and wide. The captains of these ships know teamwork better than anyone else. A common tactic when engaging a ship larger than they are is for one of the destroyers to engage head on as a distraction while the others flank. If this lead ship takes too much fire another will step in and take its place. In this way no ship of the group becomes the sole target to the point that they are eliminated.

Fleet Name Ship Names
Valkyrie Invincible Justice Valor Birmingham
Eternity Chaos Omega Firestorm Arcane
Speed Rating: 4
Turn Rating: 3
Armor Rating: 9
Shield Rating: 7
  • 8x Heavy Assault Plasma Cannons
  • 4x Torpedo Tubes firing forward
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes firing left
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes firing right
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes firing rearward
  • 2x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (front x1, top x3, bottom x2)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets, (left side x3, right side x3)

Aura Class Light Cruiser

The Aura is the fastest of all supercapital ships and can even keep pace with frigates. This often lends them to a role as a heavy pursuit ship quite nicely along with a group of frigates. This speed also means that at the start of a fleet battle, the heavy firepower of a cruiser can be brought up with frigates and fighters to give an early offensive punch that is hard to top.

Fleet Name Ship Names
Juggernaut Swift Challenger
Vagrant Eclipse Churchill
Speed Rating: 5
Turn Rating: 4
Armor Rating: 7
Shield Rating: 7
  • 4x Heavy Assault Plasma Cannons
  • 2x Heavy Assault Railguns
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes firing forward
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes firing rearward
  • 2x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (2x top, 2x bottom)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (front x1, left side x2, right side x2, rear x1)

Styx Class Heavy Cruiser

While the Aura tends to work well for most lighter battles, sometimes the situation can start to escalate far faster than expected. It is at that point that the Styx is called into the fight. Its guns are able to silence a battle quicker than anything else as it is the heaviest unit that is intentionally sent to the front of battle. This gives the Styx a reputation as the ship most feared by enemies of the Terran military.

Fleet Name Ship Names
Valkyrie Valiant Pursuer
Juggernaut Solstice
Vagrant Penumbra
Speed Rating: 3
Turn Rating: 2
Armor Rating: 9
Shield Rating: 8
  • 6x Heavy Assault Plasma Cannons
  • 2x Heavy Assault Railguns
  • 2x Ion Beam Cannons
  • 4x Torpedo Tubes firing forwards
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes firing rearwards
  • 2x Medium Assault Railguns (front x2, top x3, bottom x2, rear x1)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (left side x3, right side x3, rear 2x)

Perses Class Battleship

While light and heavy cruisers have served as the the need for a ship with higher command abilities was needed and then came the arrival of the Perses class battleship. Sacrificing mobility entirely for the sake of armor and firepower, these ships head their own fleets as command ships. There is even a bit of carrier in these ships as they can dock two squadrons of fighters, as opposed to several complete units, which gives them a level of protection that is hard to match and works as an excellent match to their incredible attacking power.

Fleet Command Ships Juggernaut Vagrant
Speed Rating: 2
Turn Rating: 2
Armor Rating: 9
Shield Rating: 9
  • 6x Heavy Assault Plasma Cannons
  • 6x Heavy Assault Railguns
  • 4x Ion Beam Cannons
  • 3x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (front x2, top x3, bottom x2, rear x1)
  • 3x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (front x1, left side x3, right side x3, rear x2)
  • 2x Torpedo Launcher Turrets (top x1, bottom x1)
  • 8x Anti-Fighter Missile Turrets (top x1, rear x1)
  • 16x fighter docking bays on underside

Atlas Class Dreadnought

Serving as the head of an entire fleet and as the headquarters of Federation activities wherever it goes, the Atlas dreadnought is a rare and fearsome sight to behold. Housing multiple fighter wings to back up its already tremendous level of firepower it is the embodiment of ultimate power within the Terran military. Only the best serve aboard these vessels and their operation is kept under the tightest of control. Should a crewman make a mistake it is sometimes the only one he is allowed. Failure to comply to the highest standards set by the Federation means that anyone aboard an Atlas not performing their duties will receive immediate redeployment to another ship.

Valkyrie Fleet Number of ships
Cruisers 2
Destroyers 4
Carriers 1
Frigates 28
Speed Rating: 1
Turn Rating: 1
Armor Rating: 10
Shield Rating: 10
  • 4x Super Heavy Assault Railguns
  • 4x Super Heavy Assault Plasma Cannons
  • 4x Ion Beam Cannons
  • 3x Medium Assault Railgun Turrets (front 2x, top 4x, bottom 4x, rear 2x)
  • 1x Heavy Assault Railgun Turrets (front 1x, bottom 1x)
  • 1x Ion Beam Cannon Turrets (top 2x)
  • 2x Torpedo Launcher Turrets (bottom 2x)
  • 8x Anti-Fighter Missile Turrets (left side 2x, right side 2x)
  • 4x Heavy Pulse Laser Turrets (top 4x, left side 6x, right side 6x, rear 4x)
  • 48x fighter docking bays within underside hangar
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