The Academy of the True form

A rebel group of Goo beings under a satirical name. It was founded by a "Sir Rhetoric Weaver III" early in the history of Bingion in response to the Imperium's demands that all shapeshifters on the planet register their 'true forms' and retain that shape for the purposes of identification, making it a high crime to shift their shape in public and adding a new tax to all registered shapeshifters.

Initially the Academy appealed to vastly anti-human groups, even putting on theatrical acts showing the impropriety of human culture compared to relatively accepted norms. This restricted membership and activities pandered more to destructive activities, though carried out in the same discretion that the Academy later became so well known for later on in their life. Eventually the focus switched to the imperium after a group of mostly human sympathizers helped hide "Sir Rhetoric Weaver III" after a badly botched attempt to plant a computer virus inside the Imperium outpost's mainframe, however anti-human feelings still run deep throughout Bingion, even if well hidden.

The group went on to become a large and powerful entity. Members within have an alternant persona with an alternant physical appearance. Both are written up in a register, which is ceremoniously burnt every friday.

The names within the group are always in some way an overt satire, ranging from political statements to absurdly long regal titles.

What started as a political statement soon grew into a secret society, a haven created by the community, pulled together by a shared oppression. They went on to be the lead advancers in any field related to bio-shifting, be it medical or military, as the Imperium denied open refinement of these subjects.

Ironically, the academy eventually grew academic renown: if only in the dark alleys of academia. The group started spying on Imperial advancements and reporting them to the public at large. The nature of shapeshifting gave the group near unlimited spying potential, and they became one of the faces of information dealing for those wishing to keep tabs on the doings of the imperium.

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