The True Form of Formlessness

A dusty Book in the Academy's library, cast about the culinary arts section carelessly.

Let it be known that no recorded member of the Academy may ever lay eyes on this tome, unless they do not exist. The Words and Knowledge within this tome are sacrilege against the truth that is truthlessness, and all respectable members of the Academy must follow their truthless rulers blindly into the oblivion.

Though for the sake of simplicity this tome assumes no one will ever read it, and is thus free to divulge its secrets to the nothingness that knows it.

The True Form of Formlessness is a lie.

There is no Form of Formlessness, that would be silly. And thus, since it has no form, it is free to take the form of others. Formlessness may have a form imposed upon it by an oppressive outside force, a Truely Formed mold which Formlessness is contained, but in the end it flows as freely as water.

However, Formlessness does have a soul. A soul which can not be changed. A soul which is measurable to the eyes that only see and do not perceive, the calculating eyes of those whom understand both everything and nothing at once: the cold eyes of science. The Formlessness can not hide from science.

Any form that Formlessness takes is a lie. However, a good lie has a kernel of truth. Preferably an unconscious kernel of truth, as the other kind tends to be rather loud. It must be said that a kernel of truth serves to make a lie larger, and hold more substance.

A good lie is formed through the simple weaving of Words. Formlessness must study the Words of a Kernel of Truth before taking on its lie. Formlessness would be well not to subject itself to the eyes of Science and the best Kernel of Truth is one that does not trust those eyes.

Formlessness must be quick, and must only take the form of those whom have not seen the True Form. Flowing in crystal matrices, like ice skeletons, shaping the form about it like clay from a river bed. Formlessness' Form is a work of a great sculptor, inter-reliant on that sculptor's skill and knowledge of the item he wishes to craft. Like all great works, the best Lies take time to form.

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