Species: Dracat [clouded leopard X anthro Dragon]
Age 256 Terran years
height 5'10" Terran units
Weight 240lbs

Tizona is the station's lead horticulturist, hir foremost duty, is overseeing the agricultural foodstuffs and trade commodities, like cinnamon, and coffee. Shi monitors proper practices of planting, growth, and harvest shi directly manages much of the propagation, and breeding of new plant species and varieties, as well, as purchasing off site plant varieties.

hir secondary role, as an unofficial, though talented mechanical engineer. Shi helps in fixing anything broken, a rare gift of manual dexterity, allows hir to "see" with hir fingers. Sticking hir arm into a dark and tight machine, is no trouble for hir. hir high level of repair skill, is complimented by hir ability to craft solutions, and make daring repairs. as befitting a master engineer. Shi is well known to operate machinery of hir own design, and manufacture, primarily a modified dune buggy.*see vehicles for more info*

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