Triple Helix Crystal Foundry Laboratory

Organisation: Triple Helix Industries
Subdivision: 17
Name: Crystal Foundry

Crystal Foundry is a Genetics research station. staffed by over 200 Calirai scientists little outside data is known about Crystal Foundry, except that it is under constant quarantine due to the nature of the experiments.

Facility description: From a top down view the facility has a airstrip for non VTOL based craft, a heavily fortified bunker design by outward look, due to the nature of the facility. interior past the outer airlocks is the bio-genetics labs, clean rooms and more. best described as a glass house. each lab is visible to the one next door, allowing the teams to comunicate with each other, and act quickly in case a experiment goes wrong. tho the internal structures seem delicate, every wall is magnetically shielded and a forcefield can be erected on all walls.
*The Architectural design of this facility coins its name "Crystal Foundry".*

5-Years ago: Communication with the facility was lost and a distress signal was found by a passing frigate. no staff could be located in the complex. survey drone suffered heavy system failure after 1 hour of searching, 2nd survey drone encountered failure, after this the facility was deemed lost, Crystal foundation to this day remains derelict due to the ongoing war, it is assumed the facility is now overgrown by experiments and local fauna and of no use, tho the Triple Helix company wishes to reclaim it and has send a small force to do so in the form of *Listed Below*

Orbital Defense: 2 Modified Triple Helix Destroyers, Arendix Squadron [Blood wing squad subdivision/Corsair Sq]
Ground Defense: 2 Corelai Dropships, 1 Zepyr light gunship, 20 infantry, 2 light vheicals, 1 deployable command station.
*Contact lost with the recovery team*

Known Experiment listings.

Decoy Signatures: False radar, ladar and gravimetric signals to make a small force appear far larger.

Geran Delta: A swarm of docile insects that produce light and electromagnetic distortion rendering standard sensory equipment unusable.

Serien ara: similar to a boa constrictor, these snakes have been genetically modified to be able to use technology with kinetic fields much like the Calirai, they were an experiment designed to aid station maintenance and help caretakers.

Thenix Plant: Simaler to a Venus flytrap, but longer and has multiple heads: grows purple and red flowers
Ceren-Bala: Genetically modified dog-plant hybrid species, meant to guard the Ceren-Lenit
Ceren-Lenit: Genetically modified plant, meant for terraforming and environmental stabilizer

Luran-Theta: Biological power-source experiment, known to grow in colonies and harvested as cells.
Luran-Gama: Second biological Power-source experiment, used in prototype weapons as a power supply.

Calident: A genetically modified plant that grows crystal shards, used in the kinetic field defense technologies
*note* Calident grows the same crystal formations that occur in Calirai bones, these crystals however are far more fragile than the ones found in the bones.

Destiny Virus [ Causes delusions and possible cardiac arrest in individuals with heart conditions]
Crystal Virus [cure discovered] Note* This virus causes the natural crystals in Calirai bones to over grow consuming the individual - purposely introduced to death sentenced criminals /end note*

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