Vanix "Ravager" Autogun

Even with the advent of electromagnetic and plasma weapons as well as newer experimental designs going beyond the power of those there is still the widespread use of traditional firearms based off of chemical propulsion. Vanix is the leading proprietor in this design and currently the only manufacturer being employed by the Terran military in this field.

Unlike the slow and drawn-out development of other weapon systems that last for hundreds if not thousands of years on a single design, conventional autoguns continue to receive improvements and design changes on a period of every 50 years on average. The Ravager is the latest medium autogun, replacing the long-used line of Templar medium autoguns which ended with the Templar VII-L variant.

The Ravager, or Ravager I-A2 as it is properly called, the A1 version being the testbed before production, takes only a few design concepts over from previous generations. Using the slightly heavier caliber 11.44mm-short caseless was a change from the standard 9.5mm caselss ammunition most medium autoguns have used for the past 800 years. The change keeps the same level of recoil by using less propellant but the larger rounds allow for a heavier explosive charge to be placed in them. The effect is added devastation against all soft-armored targets. The 11.44mm is also the lower limit for EM rounds, giving the Ravager the capability to engage shielded targets as well.

While overall destructiveness has been greatly improved and recoil has remained manageable there is only one downside of the weapon over the Templar design, its rate of fire had to be nearly cut in half due to stress on the receiver becoming too much after long periods of use. The benefits still far outweighed the problems and the Ravager has been fully adopted with the Templar VII remaining on reserve and training duty for at least another 50 years as the Ravager I-A3/A4 and Ravager II are set to enter service within that time frame.

Class: Heavy Infantry
Caliber: 11.44mm-short caseless AP, HE, EMP
Capacity: 60 rd magazine or 180 rd box
Rate of Fire: 800 RPM
Max Range: 1500m
Effective Range: 400m
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: low
Damage per round: high
Velocity: 760 m/s

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