Vanix "Reaper" Heavy Autogun

While light and medium autoguns have long been a major player in Terran conflicts, the idea of a heavy autogun never sat well with command members given the already-powerful recoil the medium designs were producing. Reports of long term injuries to operators dealing with the weapons had been something that ignored but slowly it became clear that the design was at its limit for something a person could operate on their own.

Vanix had already created several heavy autoguns that were used on vehicle and defense mounted platforms but nothing was able to be carried and fired from a body mount as with their other designs. Then one day, the head of the company gave a request from R&D to break the rules and create the heaviest autogun that they could that was possible to operate by a single person.

It took nearly 20 years after budget cuts and sidelines for other weapons caused setbacks but the Reaper I-X was finally completed. The design that relied on a 17.5mm caseless used by mounted emplacements was built like a tank. Vanix made certain that the strain on the gun would not be so much to cause a failure during operation. The breakthrough in design was the use of twin barrels with delayed reloading cycles that would counteract the recoil of the other barrel as it was fired. To save on weight the barrels were shortened down nearly 20% more than standard 17.5mm weapons used. The result was a gun that still weighed in nearly 66kg heavier than stock Templar version, but with a level of destructive power unlike any of its counterparts.

The second greatest innovation of the weapon was the marketing of it. Vanix knew the military would not even want to see, let alone buy a heavy autogun. Instead of going through normal methods of trying to get the weapon looked at they listed it as a new medium design to replace the Templar V and they were given a demonstration. Instead of settling with firing at man-shaped targets at various ranges, Vanix secretly deployed a remotely operated APC to the testing range. Generals were stunned to see an armored vehicle on the range and thinking they were under attack immediately called for support. At that point the power of the Reaper was brought to bear on the APC, destroying it in seconds to the complete disbelief of the command staff watching. A contract had not even been formally written up when the demand for 2 million devices were placed. The rest is history.

Class: Armored Infantry
Caliber: 17.5mm caseless HE, EMP, AP, Incendiary
Capacity: 60 rd magazine
Rate of Fire: 180 RPM (90 per barrel)
Max Range: 2500m
Effective Range: 1100m
Armor Penetration: very high
Shield Penetration: low to medium
Damage per round: very high
Velocity: 980 m/s

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