Vanix "Wraith" Light Autogun

Carried by almost every combat unit, the Wraith light autogun is the ultimate support weapon needed to keep an enemy's head down while friendly forces advance in position. Currently, the Wraith IX-EF (model 9, extended fire) is operated as one-per-platoon by most Terran forces, giving it a widespread deployment where few know of what it is capable of.

The main idea of this weapon as a light version of a standard autogun is being able to lay down suppressing fire for extended periods of time. While heavier autoguns usually rely on ammo in magazines of no more than 200 rounds. The Wraith system uses a highly innovative system that takes the standard 4.5mm caseless ammunition and forms a link made of highly stabilized propellant between each round with a special processing machine. The link will only burn away when under the pressure from gases produced by the main charge to prevent it from being able to set of the entire belt of ammunition.

Around this very uniquely designed ammo was built a receiver made of ultra-light composite materials with very little metal components aside from the barrel lining and firing chamber. This made the gun itself very light but also reduced the mass of moving components so much that the Wraith is capable of amazing rates of fire that have never been seen in any single-barrel conventional weapon.

Jamming was somewhat common because of this extreme firing rate but Vanix came through on the IV model by adding the option for an automatic cycling bolt with a sensor that detected if there was a jam. Other features included a stabilization gyroscope to keep aim steady when firing, brought about in the VIII model. The IX model improved upon this once again when the gyroscope was modified to give computer-assisted targeting to the operator. With this enhancement a soldier could quite literally write his name on a target with 4.5mm holes… at a range of 750 meters.

Class: Heavy Infantry
Caliber: 4.5mm high velocity caseless
Capacity: 1000 or 2000 round belts, standard 4.5mm 60 rd magazines
Rate of Fire: 1450 RPM
Max Range: 1600m
Effective Range: 900m
Armor Penetration: very high
Shield Penetration: medium
Damage per round: low
Velocity: 1630 m/s

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