Vega-Antares Research 301-RMP/M

Given the age of the Vega-Antares Research 300-RMP and its slow recession from front line combat it was decided to modify the design to fulfill a new role in combat. The call for an accurized plasma weapon for various situations where mass firepower was not the answer became needed after a slew of incidents in which armed and armored raiders used civilians as human shields. The result of several of these confrontations as the loss of many of the hostages when counter attack forces moved in to subdue the raiders.

Born from the original VAR 300 design that had existed for well over 1000 years, the VAR 301 Heavy Plasma Rifle keeps many of the original aspects while adding features that had not been used in a small arms device up until that point. First of these changes was the increase of caliber for a plasma rifle beyond the threshold of 25mm-shaped ammunition which many had considered the theoretical limit of a plasma charge of this type.

The problem with larger rounds is that the plasma being vented by the round as propulsion eventually becomes more than either the gun or round itself can handle without overheating. VAR was able to surpass this limit by using a idea that had been around for hundreds of years but none were ever capable of making a viable solution to with plasma weaponry - smart rounds. After years of research and nearly a trillion credits spent on research a solution was found. A special matrix of iridium, titanium, boron, and iron could be arranged to negate the charge field of the plasma in a very localized area. This made it possible for a small control system to be embedded inside of the round to monitor and change the flow of plasma to prevent blowouts and overheating of the round. Called the VAR Modulator this device had the secondary benefit of allowing a plasma round to be controlled even after it had been fired from a weapon, creating a weapon of truly frightening accuracy and power.

The major downside to this weapon is how heavy the design must be. Weighing in at close to 18kg empty in 1G gravity, it is over twice as heavy as the VAR 300. Furthermore, the specialized modulator and the plasma generation required to charge the 32mm design means that a standard energy cell would not work with this weapon and a rather costly alternative was developed to handle the need.

Class: Heavy Infantry
Caliber: 32mm shaped plasma charge
Power Source: ME/M-190, ME/M-200
Capacity: 30 (ME/M-190), 40 (ME/M-200)
Rate of Fire:
Max Range: 1500m
Effective Range: 1200m
Armor Penetration: high
Shield Penetration: very high
Damage per round: very high
Blast Radius: 100cm
Velocity: 90 m/s

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