Vega-Antares Research CBL-15 Heavy Laser Rifle

With the success of the CBL-10, Vega-Antares Research decided to expand on the idea and further enhance the capabilities of what the platform could handle. The reason for an even larger version came as a demand for a weapon that could do more damage. While a 10mm aperture was fairly standard for a rifle design, there was a growing desire from something that could accomplish more as a man-portable weapon.

Development began in 1997 TSC and by 2007 the first prototype was ready for testing. The original results were far below what the expectations had been. Researchers were unable to figure out what the problem with the weapon could be until they fully disassembled it and discovered that the lasing material had fractured even with the liquid nitrogen cooling it.

Not wanting to start completely from scratch a makeshift solution was tried. Instead of liquid nitrogen, VAR researchers used a liquid helium replacement for the cooling system instead. It worked. The lasing material remained intact and the output was raised to the levels that were expected of the new design. Unfortunately this also meant that a limit to what standard laser technology could accomplish had seemingly been reached as anything larger than 15mm would not be able to be cooled properly and the element would fracture from the heat and the CBL-15 would remain the largest infantry beam weapon until the advent of disposable lasing shells.

Class: Sniper
Caliber: 15mm optical
Energy Source: CE-190
Capacity: 20
Beam Duration: 2000ms
Recharge Time: 3500ms
Effective Range: 4000m
Armor Penetration: very high
Shield Penetration: medium
Damage per round: very high

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