Vega-Antares Research LB-100/VI Railgun

More or less the standard design that railguns have been based off of for the last 1200 years, the Vega-Antares Research LB-100 is often times the first rifle any soldier is given for use in training. The extreme robustness of its design comes only second to its simplicity.

With the aging Remington Model 150 still in use by Terran forces starting to become a problem as weapons failed and parts became more and more scarce it was decided that a replacement was needed. Something similar in design was needed but also a weapon that would be much easier to replace parts in combat conditions which happened to be the biggest drawback of the 150. Several companies put through proposals of varying forms and function but the VAR 100 stood out above all of them with its unique features.

First and foremost, the VAR 100 has almost no moving parts inside of the weapon. Complicated reloading systems for the 1mm penetrator darts were ignored and instead a highly advanced mag-lev design was created to cycle rounds into firing position with the rails. This lead to an interesting side effect of having a completely silent action to the gun and a low-velocity, silenced version was created that used a much heavier 5.5 x 65mm slug that traveled at subsonic speeds. More of a novelty than a useful weapon it was never put into full service, though some specialty units have been known to use them on covert missions.

At first, the mag-lev reloading system performed wonderfully in its first few battles. This changed, however, at the Battle of Tycho's Rift on the world of Argus. The atmosphere of the planet had nearly two times the density of any other world that the VAR 100 had operated in. The highly tuned loading system was suddenly found to lag after the first few shots out of the weapon and jamming became commonplace.

The solution was a simple, if tedious fix which involved the addition of power to the mag-lev loader to compensate for the lag delay it had in loading. The next few versions of the VAR 100 tried to make a perfect system that worked no matter what, though in the end it was found that the limitations of the mag-levs could not be overcome. Not wanting to abandon the weapon entirely a partial solution was made. VAR simply allowed for direct adjustment and tuning of the weapon's intricate settings by the soldier himself. Not the easiest thing for someone not very tech savvy but it ended up being the better option than having no weapon at all to use.

Class: Infantry
Caliber: 2.0 x 26mm rail slug
Energy Source: CE-8, CE-9, ME-88 (modified); 2mm slugs loaded in 100 round magazines
Capacity: CE-8s: 60, CE-9s: 100, ME-88: 600 (requires cooling unit)
Rate of Fire: 480 RPM
Max Range: 22000m (round burnout)
Effective Range: 1000m
Armor Penetration: Very High
Shield Penetration: Medium
Damage per round: Medium
Velocity: 17,500 m/s

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