Vega-Antares Research LB-27 Railgun

One of the newest railgun designs developed by Vega-Antares Research in response to the use of shielding devices that would negate the power of plasma weapons that had become commonplace in every major conflict for nearly two millennia. The basis for this weapon is the same as every other variation that came before. Based off of the ancient Luthor-Ballistics system developed at the time of the AI War, a small slug is accelerated to extreme velocities by magnetic rails to achieve a devastating amount of kinetic energy.

The difference with this design compared to others that came before it was in the approach of making a railgun that was not only powerful but rapid firing as well. VAR decided early on to forgo the standard 2mm projectiles that had been used in assault railguns from their inception. Instead, a much smaller .27mm was created. At first glance it seems like a downgrade in design and performance until one realizes that this smaller caliber allows the weapon to cycle over 8 times faster than a similar 2mm railgun due to the charging time. This made the acceleration rails needed for the weapon so light as well that VAR was able to place a second pair in to double the rate of fire yet again. As one rail is charging the other is loaded with a slug and fired, the process then switching over to the other set.

This impressive rate of fire had never been seen in a railgun ever before and its effectiveness was quickly put to use. Several conflicts involving Federation forces squaring off against pirate shock troopers showed that the LB-27 was the only option for defeating both the shields and armor and at a rate that would prevent their defensive positions from being overrun.

Class: Heavy Infantry
Caliber: .27 x 10mm rail slug
Energy Source: CE-80, CE-90, CE-100 (two of any), ME-88 (modified); .27mm slugs loaded in 3000 round magazines
Capacity: CE-80s: 180, CE-90s: 240, CE-100s: 360, ME-88: 1500 (requires cooling unit)
Rate of Fire: 1600 RPM
Max Range: 15000m (round burnout)
Effective Range: 1000m
Armor Penetration: Very High
Shield Penetration: Medium
Damage per round: Low
Velocity: 29,000 m/s

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