Vega-Antares Research PBL-90/10 Pulse Rifle

While Vega-Antares Research had been a leading developer of continuous beam lasers for over 2000 years, they had fallen behind in the realm of pulse beam weaponry to the likes of Resolute Industries who had become the mainstay of all Terran forces for the longest time. Introduced in 3267, the VAR PBL-90/10 has been making a name for itself as a top-of-the-line pulse rifle that can compete with the models from RI that have been in use for well over 500 years.

What makes the PBL-90/10 unique is that instead of pulsing the same lasing element at high speed it instead operates an assembly of three different elements at a lower operational speed. This serves several purposes in the PBL. First, the lasing elements can maintain a lower temperature under normal operation. Second, the weapon can be switched into an overdrive mode allowing for a massively increased rate of fire. Finally, should any of the elements fail, the PBL can keep going with a sacrifice in power rather than becoming completely inoperable.

This level of power comes at the cost of an extremely high energy usage. The PBL uses a dual power cell configuration and it goes through both nearly as fast as any Resolute Industries rifle goes through a single one. The redundant design more than makes up for the added energy use in the eyes of most and VAR has quickly moved into the spotlight as one of the best designers of pulse lasers with the PBL-90/10.

Class: Infantry
Caliber: 9mm optical
Energy Source: CE-180 x 2
Capacity: 120
Beam Duration: 10ms
Recharge Time: 100ms (per barrel)
Effective Range: 600m
Armor Penetration: medium
Shield Penetration: low
Damage per round: medium

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